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Basic Info Edit

The TundraClan, like the name implies, is located in the tundra. They live in underground, rocky dens near a river during the summer, spring and fall, with mountains close by for stronger, winter shelters.

Their diet is mice, rabbits, and occasionally birds (Including snowy owls, hawks, and ravens).

As for their appearance, TundraClan cats usually have long, heat-insulating coats, bushy tails, large almond shaped eyes, and big pointed ears, resembling foxes. The color of their fur come in every color, while their eyes are usually green, brown, blue, amber, or anything inbetween. They are usually medium to large.

Ranks Edit


Clearstar- big, graceful reddish she-cat with dark green eyes


Strongclaw- handsome golden-brown tom with a fluffy coat

Medicine Cat:

Cloverleaf- fawn-colored she-cat with bright amber eyes


Farsight- large light beige tom with different shaded gray-blue markings

Deathblow- charming young tom with fur

Echofur- silvery-white she-cat with a black stripe running down her back and tail


Foxpaw- pretty ruddy-colored she-cat with warm amber eyes

Shadowpaw- thick-furred beige tom with brown stripes

Silverpaw- silvery-white she-cat with black spots and pale green eyes

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