Falconclan symbol
Founders Talonstar, Flamestar, Runestar
Leader(s) Talonstar, Flamestar, Runestar, Moonstar
Deputy(s) Shadepelt
Medicine Cat(s) Rowanpool, Talonpelt, Darkcloud
Current Stats
Current Leader Moonstar
Current Deputy Shadepelt
Current Medicine Cat Darkcloud
Number of Members 15
Warrior(s) Blackshade, Talonfur, Rowanstorm, Cloudstorm
Apprentice(s) Soulpaw, Darkpaw, Bramblepaw
Relatives Moonlightfur (Mother Of Moonkit And Bluekit)
Moonkit, Bluekit Moonkit, Bluekit
Longclaws, Midfur Longclaws, Midfur

TunnelClan is a very ferocious clan often known of their secrecy. They rarely come to gatherings in person as a group. TunnelClan sends at least one or two warriors to attend and bring news back. The only times a war has be fought with this clan is between TunnelClan is with EmeraldClan. This was a win for TunnelClan, along with Emeraldclan loosing the deputy Clovertalon in battle.

Info Edit

TunnelClan is often said as a quiet yet deadly clan. Most of the moves the use and teach are considered dishonorable by many warriors. For this behavior, leaders have tried and failed multiple times to push the clan and take their territory.The leader, Moonstar, is a subtle and hostile cat. She says the clans are weak and should fend for themselves. Most of her clanmates agree with her and would threaten clans patrolling thieir borders.

Territory Edit

  • Camp- A pit under the surface that was carved out by a stream. The main place all tunnels lead to and spread all over the territories.
  • Herb Tunnel- A sweet smelling tunnel that leads to the surface and a patch of rare herbs.
  • Watch Rocks- Three rocks on each corner of their own territory used to keep watch of the border. Every night, one cat is sent to one of the rocks to keep watch.
  • Tunnels- The key part of TunnelClan. Used for hunting mice and rabbits as well as battle.

Clan Members Edit

Leader Edit

Moonstar- A dark grey she-cat with a long scar on her back.

Deputy Edit

Shadepelt- A black tom with blood red eyes.

Medicine Cat Edit

Darkcloud- Dark tabby tom with a short, bushy tail.

Warriors Edit

Blackshade- A small, black she-cat with light grey paws. Known for her thorn-like claws. Mates with Rowanstorm.

Talonfur- A tabby tom with stinging amber eyes. The killer of the EmeraldClan deputy, Clovertalon.

Rowanstorm- Ginger tom with bloodstained front paws. Mates with Blackshade.

Cloudstorm- A pure white she-cat with razor sharp teeth.

Apprentices Edit

Soulpaw- A deep brown she-cat with green eyes. Is the only clan member that opposes TunnelClan itself. Sister of Darkpaw.

Darkpaw- The brother of Soulpaw. Often disagrees or tries to kill Soulpaw. A pure black tom with greaming red eyes.

Bramblepaw- A light brown tom that has red claws and green eyes. Often tries to fit in with Darkpaw and taunts Soulpaw for saying TunnelClan is cowardly.

Queens Edit

Moonlightfur- Blueish-grey she-cat. Mother of Moonkit and Bluekit.

Kits Edit

Moonkit- A grey she-cat. Tries to help Soulpaw as well as herself escape TunnelClan. Sister of Bluekit.

Bluekit- A tom that has blueish fur. Brother of Moonkit

Elders Edit

Longclaws- A pale ginger tom known for his cold-heart and long front claws.

Midfur- A black tom that had his paw ran over as an apprentice.

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