Founders Twilightstar, Lavapelt, Aquafur, Sandfur, Ivytail, Charcoalpelt and a few others
Current Stats
Current Leader Undecided
Current Deputy Undecided
Current Medicine Cat Undecided
Apprentice(s) Unknown but at least 5

TwilightClan is the newst clan but has the most members. Not much is known about this clan but they attack WhiskerClan and PhantomClan and invade their territories alot in smaller groups. TwilightClan is known to break the rules.


Unknown, their creator was Twilightstar but he hasn't been seen at this Clan.



Medicine CatEdit


Crimson MembersEdit

Leader: Twilightstar – unknown

Deputy: Unknown

Medicine Cat: Unknown

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Lavapelt – a long-haired bright red tom

Aquafur – a long-haired blue grey tom

Sandfur – a sandy tabby she-cat

Ivytail – a grey she-cat with blue eyes

Ravenclaw – a dark almost black she-cat

Spidertail – a grey and black tom

Viperfang – a brown orange tom with green eyes

Ringtail – a short-hair tan she-cat with a black ring on her tail Foxpelt – an orange she-cat with a white underside

Bonetail – a big muscular dark brown tom

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Saberpaw – a long-hair yellow tom

Charcoalpaw – a sleek black she-cat with one white paw

Strongpaw – a big curly yellow tom

Swasppaw – a black and tan wire-hair tom

Copperpaw – a copper tom with golden eyes


TwilightClan's main rivals are the WhiskerClan and PhantomClan. They don't often attack FurryClan but they raid their territory.


TwilightClan lives on the other side of the Thunderpath. Their territory is a mixture of rocky lands and dense forest. Their land is mostly up hill with many rock. They hunt rabbits, mice, bird, lizards and most deadly snakes and weasel! Their camp is in a red fern grove under a tall forest. Hardly any light gets threw to the forest floor.

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