Founders Twistedstar and Ravenheart
Leader(s) Twistedstar,
Deputy(s) Wolfeyes,
Medicine Cat(s) Redleaf, Crookedfoot
Current Stats
Current Leader Twistedstar
Current Deputy Wolfeyes
Number of Members 30
Owner PlpDragon of Wattpad

TwistedClan was created after an earthquake tore through the original four clans lake home. Many cats died including the deputies and leaders of ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan, leaving only the leader of ThunderClan left alive while her own beloved deputy died.

Leader Edit

Twistedstar - pure white she-cat with smokey rings on her tail, twisted back left with a scar rippling through it from her thigh to her foot, Mismatched green and blue eyes, long tail and claws.

Deputy Edit

Wolfeyes - Black tom with golden stripes, golden feet, and a ginger-tipped tail, amber eyes.

Medicine cat Edit

Redleaf - Ginger tom with dark green eyes

Apprentice, Crookedpaw

Warriors Edit

Talonfoot - Black tom with ginger socks and ear tips, green eyes.

Sunblaze - Golden she-cat with dark gold stripes and a white chest, amber eyes.She is the splitting image of her father except for the white chest which she got from her mother.

Nightrunner - Black tom with a white tail tip, green eyes

Apprentice, Smokepaw

Ravenheart - Black tom with a white splotch on one eyes, white tail and ear tips, green eye with other having a scar through it.

Apprentice, Morningpaw

Tigerstripe - Ginger she-cat with green eyes

Littlespot - Unusually small ginger tom with white splotches, green eyes

Cobrafang - Brown tom with black stripes, green eyes

Fishswim - Ginger tom with amber eyes

Roar - Light ginger tom with darker stripes, blue eyes

Cherrytail - Russet she-cat with green eyes

Stormclaw - Light grey tom with yellow eyes

Fernclaw - Brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Lionflame - Light ginger tom with blue eyes

Sandsplash - Ginger she-cat with darker patches, blue eyes

Queens Edit

Tawnypelt - Pale ginger she-cat with brown eyes

Mother of the deceased Oakstorm's kits: Oakkit and Marshkit

Wavepelt - Glossy russet she-cat with yellow eyes

Mother of Fishswim's kits

Badgermask - Skinny black and white she-cat

Mother of Nightrunner's kits: Darkkit and Blackkit

Hawkfur - Mottled brown tabby with yellow eyes

Mother of Cobrafang's kits

Kits Edit

Brownkit - Brown tom with green eyes, brother of Marshkit

Marshkit - Light brown she-cat with yellow eyes. sister of Brownkit

Darkkit - Dark grey tabby tom with amber eyes, brother of Blackkit

Blackkit - Black tom with yellow eyes, brother of Darkkit

Apprentice Edit

Crookedpaw - Black and white tom with mismatched brown and blue eyes

Morningpaw - White she-cat with blue eyes and black ears

Smokepaw - Grey tom with black stripes and green eyes

Elders Edit

Rattail - Black tom with missing tufts of fur and a missing tail, green eyes

Willowscar - Light grey queen with lighter stripes, amber eyes, a jagged scar slicing across her neck

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