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Twistedstar, formerly Twistedfeather, is the leader of Twistedclan, formerly the leader of ThunderClan. She was a kittypet known as Snowball (Snow) before she was found by the medicine cat at the time, Mousejaw.

History/Biography Edit

Before Events of Series Edit

Before she was even born, her mother, Feathercloud, worried about her safety in the Clan. Her father worried just as much and her parents started to think about running away before the kits were born. They didn't go through with it and a few days later, she gave birth to their two daughters, Snowkit and Ashkit.

The rogues attacked the camp and Feathercloud watched as one made it just inches away from her and the kits before he was knocked down by Smokeleap. He defended her the rest of the battle and Feathercloud told Amberstar she was leaving. She left Ashkit to live in the clan as a way to keep Clan blood in their family.

They left with Snowkit and trekked through the woods to the barn they had seen a few cats live in. They hunkered down and stayed a few nights to rest from the attack. Feathercloud sadly died from a mysterious disease.

Smokeleap mourned her but continued to care for his daughter. He left her in the hands of the barn cats as one was still nursing her own kits. He told her he would return after a while to visit her. He never came back.

The twolegs noticed the extra kit and thought she had taken it as her own naturally. Snowkit was sold after she grew old enough and was taken along with one of the she-cat's other kits, Rainbow, and they went to live with a couple.

Snowy Wings Edit

Snowball and Rainbow were each 5-6 moons old at this point. They lived contently with their owners but wanted something more. Snowball went over the fence and was on her way to the barn when she smelled an unfamiliar cat. She chased the cat up a tree and the cat revealed herself as Mousejaw, the medicine cat for ThunderClan. They talked before Mousejaw invited her to join the Clan.

Snowball said she would come, but only if her housemate could come too. Mousejaw said she would come for her tomorrow. She gave her strict instructions of where to meet and then disappeared.

Rainbow and Snowball walked to the meeting place, barely missing a WindClan patrol on the way. Mousejaw meets them with Amberstar and Thornpelt, a senior warrior of ThunderClan. Amberstar welcomed them to the Clan and lead them into the camp.

The cats don't take kindly to the strangers until they work together to save a kit who is almost taken by a hawk. They were renamed Snowpaw and Rainpaw for their bravery. Amberstar took an immediate liking to Snowpaw for her selflessness and took her as her own apprentice. However, with the rogues constantly attacking camp and Amberstar always being busy, Thornpelt trained her along with his own apprentice, Tawnypaw.

Thornpelt was nice to her, and didn't discriminate against her for her heritage. He was the first person Amberstar told about Snowpaw's parents, so he knew she was full-blooded by birth, and he wanted to make her a full-blooded Clan cat by nature.

Tawnypaw was renamed Tawnypelt after she almost sacrificed herself to save the kits when the rogues attacked full on. Snowpaw had fought just as hard, but she knew she was too young to be a warrior.

She managed to get some time with her mentor and learned some valuable lessons from the leader. Snowpaw knew Amberstar saw her as a born Clan cat no matter that she was raised as a kittypet. Amberstar told her after she was an apprentice for 6 moons that her parents were Feathercloud and Smokeleap, Clan cats. Amberstar described her dead sister and the rogue that had taken her and then murdered her when he was done with her.

Snowpaw remembered her father slightly, but she couldn't remember his face. She continued to train and was later attacked and almost killed by a rogue. She survived with minor damage and continued to train. She was made a warrior at the end of the story as a rogue attack ensued and two queens were killed. She had killed the rogue warrior who had murdered her friend.

Dark Seed Edit

Snowfeather and Tawnypelt watch as Ravenpaw, Rainpaw, and Oakpaw are named as Ravenheart, Rainrunner, and Oakpelt. Mousejaw had become a sort of adopted mother to Snowfeather and she often brought her fresh kill when it had been a long day for the Medicine cat. Her apprentice, Poppyrun, was good friends with Snowfeather and Ravenheart as they had often shared tongues when she had time.

Thornpelt was reeling over the death of his beloved mate, Paleheart, and was in constant company with his only kit, Morningkit.


Description Edit

Twistedstar is described as a white she-cat with silver-tipped hair. She has a few smoky grey stripes on her tail and back along with patches on her toes. She has mismatched green and blue eyes with a scar barely missing the blue one. Her back left leg is twisted with a long, rippling scar going down from her thigh to her foot.

Personality Edit

She is known to be cold-hearted as when Mousejaw died it was like she was losing her mother. It broke her heart and she became prickly to anyone she didn't know. She is a very caring and loving cat under that though and is a natural born leader, as Amberstar had told her many times. She is strong-willed and courageous, jumping into battle and backing up her ideas fiercely. Her heart is golden under the thick layer of frost that covers it and Ravenheart knows her for that, falling for her because of her personality.

Relationships Edit

Amberstar Edit

Amberstar was kind and loving towards Twistedstar and was one of the first cats she ever opened up to about her problems. Amberstar realized who her parents were first and continued to train her no differently knowing so.

Quotes Edit

"I love you too, Ravenheart, even though I didn't believe my cold heart could learn to love again." - Twistedfeather to Ravenheart after she is renamed Twistedfeather.

"This Clan might be twisted and broken, filled with cats never known to us. But even though we might not have been born with these cats or grown up around them, we can trust them. We are all they have and they are all we have." Twistedstar talking to former ThunderClan member, Tawnypelt.

"You want to join the rogues?! That's insane even for you." Twistedfeather talking to Rainrunner after she forgives her.

"I would ask you to join me on my way back to TwistedClan, but I know you would never go with me." Twistedstar to Fallenheart

Ceremonies Edit

Apprentice Ceremony

"Amberstar looked up at the sky, blue eyes wide. "This newcomer has shown she will protect a member of this clan from danger. StarClan has sent that Hawk as a message to show what she is willing to do. She protected young Mosskit from that bird and earned her place in this clan.

"Your pelt is as white as snow. From this day till you earn your warrior name you will be called Snowpaw in honor of your fur." Amberstar laid her muzzle on Snowpaw's white head.

Warrior Ceremony

"I, Amberstar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her as a warrior in return. Snowpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life>:

"I do," Snowpaw meows clearly.

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name: Snowpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Snowfeather. StarClan honors your intelligence and Spirit, and we welcome you as a warrior of ThunderClan. Snowfeather, I am proud to have you as my warrior; Serve your clan well, young one.

Name-Changing Ceremony

"Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what she is. By my authority as clan leader, and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on she will be known as Twistedfeather, for her twisted and scarred leg."

Leader Ceremony

Dawnwalker: "With this life I give you love. Use it for every cat in your care-and especially for Ravenheart and your kits."

Smokejumper: With this life I give you everlasting energy. Use it to keep up with every change and problem you face."

Mousejaw: With this life I give you happiness. Use it well to brighten the lives of your clan-mates.

Fernrunner: With this life I give you Courage to protect your clan from any problem.

Moonheart: With this life I give you compassion. To love every clan-mate as if they were your own kits.

Robinstar: With this life I give you justice. Use it well to protect your clan from traitorous cats.

Morningeye: With this life I give you mentoring. Use it well to train the future warriors and queens of your clan.

Toughfur: I give you the life of protection. Use it well to protect your clan and the forest you live in.

Amberstar: With this life I give you courage,