Umberpaw is a apprentice who is eager and talkative. She is by Cleverpelt

Umberpaw's AppearanceEdit

Umberpaw is a very dark ginger she-cat with beautiful sea-blue eyes. Once you get her talking she won't stop, and she gets up early.

Umberpaw's HistoryEdit

As a Kit:Edit

When Umberpaw was a kit, she played with her sister, Bouncekit, a lot. Bouncekit (Bouncepaw now) is a silvery-grey she-cat like her father. Her father, Moonlight, and her mother, Sunshine, always entertained them and Moonlight brought moss balls and let them play with his tail.

As an Apprentice:Edit

When Umberpaw and Bouncepaw became apprentice, Umberpaw got tired more easily, but she never gave up. Umberpaw got apprenticed to Beechclaw, and Bouncepaw got apprenticed to Bluesky, the medicine cat. Umberpaw spends lots of time with Bouncepaw alone in the forest, so she's picked up quite a lot up about herbs.