• The next book will be called Watery Depths.
  • The name Cragkit will be used soon.
  • A gultch called Fire Gultch will appear soon.
  • Beekit and Heatherkit will be apprentices soon.
  • The third book will be called Valley of Promises
  • False:The third book will be called Monsoon.
  • Goldenstar will live for about five-seven more books
  • There was a 'Tigerstar-like" deputy before Tallfox, Slimwhisker
  • In Dark Overcast, when Bramblepaw was Dirtypaw, the real Dirtypaw became Dirtywood.
  • Dawnflight will be a important charactor in future books.
  • Dawnflight's mother was Sandblizzard, her father was Oatwhisker.
  • Some new whiskers in Dawnflight's Nine Lives- Ryestar, leader of ValleyClan.Sunnystorm, deputy of ValleyClan.Underfeather, medicine cat of ValleyClan.Oatwhisker, warrior of ValleyClan.Mothstar, leader of MudClan and Marshstar, leader of GreenClan.
  • A thick-furred slim gray she-cat with stripes is to appear in future books.

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