Current Stats
Current Leader Dapplestar
Current Deputy Lostfoot
Current Medicine Cat Rivercloud
Apprentice(s) 9

1.ValleyClan is a cancled series of books.(Succsesser,Warriors:Prophecies of the Night)

2.ValleyClan is a Clan west of the lake.They were kicked out by SkyClan and ShadowClan.They are currently lead by Dapplestar.

Other Stuff-Edit

 Leader: Dapplestar - pretty black-dappled she-cat

Deputy-Lostfoot - golden tabby tom with one front leg missing. Apprentice Turtlepaw

Medicine Cat: Rivercloud - pretty silver she-cat. Apprentice Runningpaw.

Warriors (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Ratbite-small blue tabby tom.APPRENTICE, Heatherpaw

Brairfoot - persian brown she-cat.Apprentices,Sunpaw and Beepaw.

Finchfeather - orange tom with one white paw. Apprentices Moonpaw and Lightpaw.

Poppysong - jet-black tom. Apprentice Seedpaw.

Honeyheart - tan tabby she-cat.

Leaffang - tan she-cat with orange paws.

Ivyfrost - white puffy she-cat.

Gorseleg - orange tom with a white head.

Fallenleaf - pretty gray she-cat with yellow paws.

Yarrowsent-bright red tortiseshell she-cat that smells of yarrow.

Apprentices (More than six moons old, training to becoem warriors)

Sunpaw - bright yellow tabby tom

Seedpaw - pretty bright yellow she-cat

Lightpaw - nice blue she-cat

Runningpaw - dark brown she-cat with a scarlet tail

Moonpaw - gray-and-white she-cat

Bramblepaw - wiry brown tom

Turtlepaw - black tabby tom

Beepaw-orange tabby tom.

Heatherpaw-gray with red-stripes she-cat.

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Minkpelt-brown-dappled she-cat.

Elders (Toms and she-cats not retired)

Skyblue - blue tabby tom, former medicine cat.

Yewfellow - very old nice black she-cat that smells of yew.

Dockleaf - young red she-cat,retired early due to crushed leg.

Tallfox - very tall scarlet tom with brown stripes.

Kit (Less than six moons old)

Cragkit-tortiseshell and white tom.

Jumpkit-tiny pure-black she-cat

Magpiekit-pretty wiry gray tabby she-cat


ValleyClan's rivals are PineClan.


Sorreltail warrior

ValleyClan Camp

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