Chapter 1-Edit

Wind swept Bluefish's pelt.The new duputy was beaming with exitment.He was about to lead a hunting patrol with Rockfall,Screechpaw,and her mentor,Rolltail.The fresh new sents of new-leaf hung in the air.It was a perfect day for giving Screechpaw a chance at a mink or weasle while Bluefish hunts for trush and Rockfall scouts for apples.If lots was to happen today,Rainstar's kits,Yowlkit and Tawnykit are to be fed!Lizardspring's kits,and Selfshine's,too."Are you coming?" hissed Rolltail.So Bluefish gently paded of to hunt near the borders.A wheat-ball whized past Yewfellow.She hissed angrily.Bluefish could hear her mutter "Kits these days!"Bluefish finilly caught up with Screechpaw.He was soon to start warriorhood.Before they left camp Rainstar padded up to them."Be careful,stay away from that pond,and Screechpaw,when you come back,there will be a clan meeting."Rainstar padded back to his den for a catnap.So Bluefish's party went out to hunt for the Clan.

Chapter 2-Edit

Soon Bluefish got to the stream.Screechpaw started to stalk a Raven.Haunches up, he slowly lumberd twords the Raven.Pounch!Great catch.Bluefish thought.She'' 'should be a warrior soon.Rolltail opened his mouth to taste the air.MidnightClan!Bluefish opened his mouth to taste for prey.SunlightClan!Spottedtom,Twistedpaw,Scarlight,and Volepaw appeared in the Ferns.Screechpaw gasped."Midnight and SunlightClan!"Scarlight spoke up."We are now DarkClan and WeedClan."

Chapter 3-Edit

Coming soon.