Vinetail is a black and white tom with yellow eyes. He is curently the deputy of MountainClan.


Vinepaw was an eager apprentise to Woodsfur and even had a crush on her. He was verry good friends with Blackpaw, and they liked to make fun of the kits in the nursey, espesially Mapplekit, his half-sister. His mentor, Woodsfur died before he and Blackpaw became a warrior, so he never told her how he felt about her.


When Vinepaw and Blackpaw became warriors they names were Vinetail and Blackpatch, Stortly after that Vinetail was given a apprentise, Brightpaw. One day when a tribe of badgers known as the Overcast invaded the nursey Vinetail, Oakleaf, and Brightpaw fought of the badgers. After that Brightpaw became a warrior and was renamed Brightstripe and Brightstripe and Vinetail later became mates.


After Stonefang died in a battle with CaveClan, Snowstar chose Vinetail her deputy. He is still deputy.

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