Hey, guys! There's a new Clan out here called VioletClan, led by no one else than Violetstar herself!

Anyway, I - Violetstar, that is - used to be WindClan's medicine cat, Violetwing. I fell in love with the cutest ShadowClan tom, Chipmunktail, and I really couldn't resist running away with him! Anyway, we fled to a lake - so romantic! - surrounded by violets, and I decided to start my own Clan there.

Our camp is right by the lake, where we can swim if we want. We live on fish, mice, and birds, which we catch with our swift paws. We spend hot days sunning ourselves when we're done hunting, and in winter we slide around on the ice or go ice-fishing.

Also, we come in peace! So don't just attack us if you don't know who we are! Just so you know, this is us. :)

Leader -

  • Violetstar (jet-black she-cat with violet eyes and a long, sweeping tail)

Deputy -

  • Oakfoot (dark brown tabby tom)

Medicine Cat -

  • Dovesong (pale gray she-cat with white paws, Violetstar's daughter)

Warriors -

  • Chipmunktail (pale ginger tom)
  • Thrushwing (red-brown she-cat with white paws)
  • Squirreltail (long-haired light brown tom)
  • Snowsong (white she-cat)
  • Darkfrost (smoky gray, almost black tom with pale gray paws)
  • Littlefoot (tiny gray-and-white tom)
  • Swallowtail (tortoiseshell she-cat)
  • Ravenflight (black tom)

Apprentices -

  • Sparrowpaw (brown tabby she-cat)
  • Fernpaw (silver-gray she-cat)
  • Blackpaw (black-and-white tom)
  • Cedarpaw (red-brown tom)
  • Goosepaw (white tom)

Queens -

  • Lilywing (pinkish-brown she-cat)
  • Honeytail (golden-brown ginger she-cat)

Kits -

  • Goldkit (pale ginger she-cat)
  • Yarrowkit (blue-gray she-cat)
  • Icekit (white tom)
  • Daisykit (tortoiseshell she-cat)
  • Nightkit (dusky gray tom)

See us if you want to join! - Violetstar

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