Violetwhisker CometClan
Clan(s) LightClan
Rank Queen
Basic Info
Parents Moonfang and Sunrest
Litter-Mate(s) Rushingwind
Mate(s) Sparkfang
Children Blossomkit, Whispkit, and Spottedkit
Apprentice(s) Venuspaw



Violetkit was very adventurous.  She once escaped the nursrey with her brother Rushingkit and caught a mouse.  Once they where found she was scolded by her mother and reminded that kits aren't supposed to hunt.


Violetpaw was very exicited to get her mentor Whiskerheart.  She really wanted to see the canyon but regreted it when she found out how hot it was.  She learned very quickly and Whiskerheart was impressed.


Violetpaw got her warrior name with her brother Rushingpaw(who became Rushingwind).  Whiskerheart was very pleased to see his apprentice become a warrior so soon.  Violetpaw requested her warrior name to be after her mentor Whiskerheart.  Usually the Clan Leaders decide themselves but an exception was made.  Violetpaw became Violetwhisker.


Violetwhisker fell in love with Sparkfang and soon learned she was going to have kits so she moved to the nursery.

She soon gave birth to Blossomkit, Whispkit, and Spottedkit.


Moonfang:"'Violetkit, you know your not suposed to hunt!"

Violetkit:"Sorry mom, but I was hungry and you were busy with the other warriors"

--Moonfang scolding Violetkit   Dawnstar's Omen  Page 20

Violetpaw:"I want to see the canyon!"



Whiskerheart:"This is the canyon."

Violetpaw:"Whew!  It's hot."

Violetpaw visiting the canyon  Violetwhisker's Star  Page 14

Violetpaw:"'I'm going to be a warrior now? Yay, yay, yay, yay', YAY!"

 Violetpaw excited about being a warrior  Violetwhisker's Star Page 40

Violetwhisker: Greencough is spearding very quickly through our Clan.  Too quick for our Medicine Cat alone to handle.  We are requesting help from Whitefur.

Violetwhisker explaining the Greencough epidemic in CometClan  Clan War!!'  Page 104

Violetwhisker:"I'm going to have WHAT?"


Violetwhisker:"'Oh boy!  Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy."

Blackspear:"'Don't freak out."

Violetwhisker:"Don't freak out?  I'm going to have KITS!"

Violetwhisker nervous about having kits  Violetwhisker's Star Page 130  

Violetwhisker:I'll name you Blossomkit, you Whispkit, and you Spottedkit

Violetwhisker naming her kits  Violetwhisker's Star  Page 200


Apperentice CeremonyEdit

Dawnstar:"Violetkit and 'Rushingkit' have reached their sixth moon and it's time for them to become apperentices.  Come here Violetkit.  Untill she has recieved her warrior name this apperentice will be called Violetpaw."


Dawnstar:"Whiskerheart, you are a brave warrior.  You did an excellent job mentoring Sliverleg and I want you to pass all you know on to this apperentice."

Whiskerheart:"I won't dissappoint you Dawnstar."

Warrior CeromonyEdit

Dawnstar:"I, Dawnstar, leader of CometClan call upon my my warrior ancestors to look down on this apperentice.  She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn.  Violetpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Violetpaw:I do.  Wait, can my warrior name honor Whiskerheart?  He is the best mentor ever!"

Dawnstar: Okay, I knew you wouldn't dissappoint me Whiskerheart.

Whiskerheart:"'Thank you."

Dawnstar:"'Then by the powers of SoulClan, I give you your warrior name.  Violetpaw, in honor of Whiskerheart, you will be known as Violetwhisker.  SoulClan honors your Patience and Bravery and we welcome you as a full warrior of BayClan. 

Everyone:"Violetwhisker, Violetwhisker!

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