Yo, guys! My friend and I (a friend that doesn't have a wikia account) wanted to make a warriors fanfiction called "Blinding Chaos". It's about a tom of SilverClan (yus, made up clans) named Whitechaos, and how he- I will not spoil the story! Read on yourself!

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A flame-colored tom sat above a small, luminescent pool of icy water. His fiery pelt swayed in the pleasantly cool breeze as he dipped his muzzle to the pool, stealing a small sip, and quickly lifting his head when he heard his name;

“Firestar,” A she-cat’s voice meowed loudly from behind him.

The tom whipped around, his bright green eyes glinting in the starry darkness as he spotted an older, blue-grey she-cat making her way towards him. She was soon at his side, her blue eyes looking into his green ones.

“Hello, Bluestar,” Firestar greeted her, acknowledging her with a nod.

“Greetings.” She meowed back, looking into the pool. “Our new clans are doing well.”

Firestar nodded. “Which one do you think is doing the best?”

Bluestar took a moment to think over the question. “It is a very hot summer this year.” She mewed at last. “I would have to say GoldenClan, they live in the lush forest, and their prey is running well.”

“Yes, but WhiteClan is not.” Firestar commented, giving his chest a quick lick. “Their river has almost dried out, and they don’t really know how to hunt anything else other than fish and lizards,” He sighed, and continued. “They know how to hunt squirrels and mice, but none are coming to their territory; the prey is looking for water. The lizards usually go to SilverClan’s mountain at this time of year. The prey likes BlackClan, too. It’s always moist there, with their redwoods and bogs...”

Bluestar shrugged. “Oh, well. They’ll get through it.”

“Yes.” Firestar murmured absently, peering into the icy pool, and then pulling back. “I’m afraid the altitude of SilverClan’s mountain and the hotness of summer don’t mix, Bluestar. It’s very dry up there, and the brush isn’t a good thing at this temperature.”

Bluestar looked at him. “Are you suggesting that a fire might happen?”

Firestar nodded sadly. “Look.”

Bluestar gazed down at the pool, and SilverClan’s usually icy mountain came into view. Bits of the air were simmering with heat, like on a Thunderpath on a hot day. The sun rode high in the sky, evaporating the clouds. There was no breeze, just hot, uncomfortable air. It showed a white tom leading a smaller orange she-cat up the mountain, carrying limp lizards in their mouths. Their shoulders were sagging, and you could hear their panting breaths. But then, the two cats shifted out of view and the pool zoomed in on dry brush, and a small spark of bright red ignited on the brush, making the twig it was on curl and die.

“Firestar, it’s happening.”

“What is?”