The air was heavy with the scent of cats. Amber and Green flashes were seen every where. A turtoise-shell cat with a fox red tail stood on a rock. Then he flicked his tail, as a signal to the other cats. Then cats leaped from their hideing stops. A huge brown tabby with long front claws name Tigerclaw leaped on a tawny cat named Oakheart. "How dare you hunt in the Sunning Rocks?" Tigerclaw hissed then clawed Oakheart. "Tonight, RiverClan will rule the Sunning Rocks of ThunderClan." Oakheart sneered. Then a she-cat yowled. A RiverClan tom had bitten her. She bleed. Tigerclaw relesed Oakheart and attacked the attacker of Mousefur. He bit it's back leg and tost it. Redtail, the turtoise-shell cat, killed a cat. "Tigerclaw, RiverClan has to many warriors." He said. Tigerclaw had a big cut on his nose. "No. We shall fight untill we die." Tigerclaw mewed. Redtail didn't listen, and he called out, "Retreat, ThunderClan, retreat!" Cats leaped to the east. Then a grin was on Oakhearts face. RiverClan yowled at their victory.

Bluestar sat on a rock, staring at the moon. A calico colored she-cat named Spottedleaf jumped out of a bush. "I am dissapointed a tonights defeat." Bluestar mewed. "Me too. I can't believe RiverClan has defeated our clan." Spottedleaf mewed sadly. Then a shooting star crossed the air, and all Spottedleaf could see was fire. Then Spottedleaf blinked. "I got a message from StarClan. Fire alone can save our clan." Spottedleaf mewed. "How can fire possibly save our clan? Fire is feared by all the clans!" Bluestar mewed suprised. "I don't know, but it was a message from StarClan." Spottedleaf mewed. "You've never been wrong before, Spottedleaf. It is so, fire can save our clan." Bluestar mewed. Then the she-cats walked to camp.


Rusty ran through the forest. He spotted a grey figure. It scrambled across the ground. Rusty went in pounceing possition. He leaped but missed the gray figure, which was a mouse. Rusty heared the sound of his cat food pouring in his bowl. Rusty stood on his cat bed. He walked to the food, sniffed it and ran out the cat door. He heard his Twolegs calling his name. He would always come and curl at their lap. But now he ignored it. "Hi Rusty." A white cat spotted with black patches said. "Hi, Smudge." Rusty said. Rusty was about to jump over the fence when the cat addresed as Smudge mewed, "Where are you going, Rusty?" "To the forest." Rusty purred. "Henry said that he saw wild cats live their! They eat live prey and scratch their claws on old bones!" Smudge mewed. "That old Henry hasn't even left his yard after the visit to the vet when he was a kit." Rusty hissed. "Henry said he caught a robin there." Smudge mewed. "Well that dumb cat says that birds disturb his sleep!" Rusty hissed again. "But Rusty!" Smudge mewed. "I'm just going to hunt a mouse or two." Rusty said. Then Rusty leaped to the forest.

Rusty walked in the forest. He saw two glowing amber lights. Then he saw a mouse. Once Rusty was about to kill the rat, a gray animal pounced on him. It scratched Rusty hard enough for Rusty to bleed. Rusty pushed the creature of him. It was a wild cat! "What a fight you put for a kittypet," The cat mewed. "by the way, my names Graypaw." "Well, if your the most dangerous thing the forest has to offer, I can handle it." Rusty mewed. "I'm far from the most dangerous. I'm training to be a warrior, but untill then I can only fight like that," Graypaw mewed. "And if it were a ShadowClan warrior, you would have been riped to shreds, no questions asked!" Rusty then heared noise. "It's Bluestar and Lionheart! Go hide!" Graypaw hissed. It was to late. "What are you doing with this kittypet?" Bluestar asked. "I--I just--just fou--found him---him and I fought him. Then we seteld down." Graypaw stammered then found his voice.

"Well then, we saw you fighting. Rusty is your name, kittypet, right?" Lionheart mewed. "Yeah. You look strong." Rusty mewed in amazment. "Thanks." Lionheart mewed. "Kittypet would you like to join ThunderClan?" Bluestar asked. "ThunderClan? What's that?" Rusty asked. "Its our clan. You will start as a apprentince and work your way to deputy, leader if your succsesful." Bluestar answered. "I'll think of it at my home. Tommorow I'll tell you my answer." Rusty mewed.


Rusty ate his cat food quickly. Then he thought about joining ThunderClan. I won't get another chance! I will miss Smudge. I will join ThunderClan. Rusty thought. He ran from his Twoleg home. "Don't go to the forest again!" Smudge mewed. "I'm joining the wild cats." Rusty mewed. "No! You can't! Stay! Please!" Smudge cried. "I'm sorry. Don't worry! My Twolegs will get another cat." Rusty mewed. "No!" Smudge mewed. Rusty hugged Smudge and left the fence to be free. He met Bluestar and Lionheart. "I have desided to join." Rusty meowed. "Alright, follow us!" Lionheart mewed and he and Bluestar leaped in the bushes. Rusty followed behind. Soon they reached a area clear of trees. It was full of cats and dens. Rusty's green eyes glowed at the sight. Wow. I can't wait to be a apprentince! Rusty thought. Then all the cats turned and stared at Rusty. "What's a kittypet doing here?" A cat mewed. "He's gonna be part of this clan, Longtail." Bluestar hissed. That stupid kittypet better be good at training! Longtail thought. Then Bluestar leaped at the Highrock. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey please gather benight Highrock. Kittypet please come before the others." Bluestar mewed. "This kittypet will recive his apprentince name -- Firepaw." Bluestar added.

Cats cheered. Firepaw felt proud. Graypaw was the loudest cheering cat. Firepaw thought it was silly. Later, Graypaw showed Firepaw around. "Here's the leaders den. And over there is the medicene cat den, and that bush is the elders den and that tree stump is the nursery and that hole in the hill is the apprentince den!" Graypaw almost lost all his breath talking. Then he added, "That bramble bush is the warrior den." "Wow! This is cool! I can't believe I'm part of a clan!" Firepaw mewed. Then the bright memorys of Smudge faded. Firepaw forgot about Smudge. All he could think of was ThunderClan. Then suddenly a black cat with white chest walk onto highrock. A deep gash in his shoulder bled. "Ravenpaw!" Bluestar mewed. "Red--Redtail--dead." Ravenpaw coughed. He was wobeling. "Speak up!" Bluestar mewed. "Red--Redtail--died--died beca--because Oak--heart--killed him!" Ravenpaw mewed then he fell off Highrock. "Spottedleaf! Take care of poor Ravenpaw!" Bluestar mewed eagerly. Then Tigerclaw came -- Redtail's dead body in his mouth. "Tonight Redtail will be among StarClan." Bluestar mewed. Cats gathered to Redtail. "What's StarClan?" Firepaw asked. "StarClan is were heavenly cats go when they die if they are good. You see StarClan in silverpelt. Every star is a cat." Graypaw mewed. "What's silverpelt?" Firepaw asked. "Silverpelt's that thick ban of stars you see in the sky at night." Graypaw answered. Firepaw nodded.

CHAPTER THREE note: Beyond this point is my idea Edit

Firepaw and Graypaw went in the apprentice den. Nest made out of moss and dead grass and leaves were all over the den. Sandpaw saw Firepaw. "I hate the smell of kittypet!" She hissed. "Which nest is mine?" Firepaw asked. He ignored Sandpaw. "Anywhere, as long as it's not near me!" Sandpaw hissed again. Firepaw didn't understand why Sandpaw had to be rude to a new comer. "Hey there kittypet! You'll never be a warrior!" Dustpaw laughed. "Leave him alone!" Graypaw mewed with anger. "Do I care? Ofcourse not! Ha!" Dustpaw mewed. He swayed his tail back and fort. Firepaw growled. "Kittypet's trying to impress us!" Sandpaw laughed. Firepaw ran from the den. They are so mean. I just want to have a disent rest. Firepaw thought. He ate a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. He looked to the moon. It glowed brightly. The stars shimmered, but silverpelt was the brightest. A new cat had came.

Later, Firepaw went to a nest next to Graypaw, and far from Sandpaw. Dustpaw liked to be near cats, so the kittypet smell didn't bother him. Firepaw's dreams were strange and amazing. Firepaw was on a rock. It was highest of all rocks. Higher than the moutains. Firepaws pelt burned like fire. His green eyes glowed. He started to be come a StarClan cat. Instead, a StarClan cat spoke to him. "Firepaw, you carey the greatest prophecy of all. You will be the strongest warrior and leader. Your enemys won't bother your journey." A StarClan cat said. Firepaw woke up. Do I really carey a prophecy greather than any? He thought. "Come on Firepaw. We don't want to be late for training. Lionheart is training us." Graypaw mewed. "Okay." Firepaw mewed. He streached. Then he walked behind Graypaw. A breeze blew in their pelts. Firepaw walked with Graypaw to Lionheart. Lionhearts thick gold fur magesticly blew.