If you have read my HawkClan series, you must know Flamestar. However, you do not know what his past had to offer. Here, you will find out about the troubled leader's past and how he became so envious.


Un named (currently) clan

Leader: Pearstar: Battle scarred black tom with piercing ice blue eyes

Deputy: Flightfeather:  Brown tom with green eyes

Medicine cat: Lilysong: Grey she cat with amber eyes

Apprentice Bluepaw (Bluish grey she cat with yellow eyes)


Hatchtooth: White tom with green eyes

Cinderfang: Ragged grey tom with amber eyes

Apprentice Stonepaw

Minnowbreeze: Golden brown she cat with dark blue eyes

Berryfur: Dark brown she cat with green eyes

Apprentice Frogpaw

Maplestream: Brown and white she cat with striking yellow eyes

Apprentice Greenpaw

Beechfrost: Yellow tom with unusual blue eyes

Apprentice Willowpaw

Silverfall: Silver she cat with bright green eyes

Oddclaw: Brown tom with strangely twisted claws and blue eyes

Apprentice Applepaw

Fallenscar: Dark brown tom with dull yellow eyes and a long scar across his chest

Apprentice Redpaw


Stonepaw: Light grey tom with yellow eyes

Frogpaw: Long legged silver tom with green eyes

Greenpaw: Brown she cat with sharp green eyes

Willowpaw: Dark grey she cat with orange eyes

Applepaw: Brown tom with blue eyes

Redpaw: Red tom with mint green eyes


Songleaf: Battle scarred yellow she cat with green eyes, mother to Pearstar's kits Flamekit and Eaglekit

Frostflower: White she cat with beautiful green eyes, mother to Oddclaw's kits Blossomkit, Mistlekit, Oakkit and Tallkit


Jaggedstalk: Black tom with a twisted leg and battle scarred paws

Heatherpad: Light brown she cat with blue eyes and tough paw pads

1. ProlougeEdit

(This is a spoiler to Flamestar's demise, his last murder and his murderer. Who he murdered and when he dies, I will not tell!) Flamestar yowled, jumping onto the rain battered rock between Wetrunner and Newtstar. "He didn't kill him!" he yelled.

"How do you know?!" Duststar protested. Flamestar glared at the tom. Duststar scowled.

"Because" Flamestar sighed. "I did." Wetrunner's eyes widened and unsheathed his claws. Newtstar hissed. Blossompuddle's eyes widened and she looked at her mate. " No! Flamestar, is this true?" she asked fearfully. Flamestar's children Flowerfang, Longrunner and Waspfeather looked at their father blankly. Blossompuddle looked at her mate, sickened and disgusted. "I... I can't beleive I fell in love with you. You murderer!" Flamestar was taken aback by his mate's scream and slipped. Wolfpelt pinned the grey leader to the ground. "He wasn't the only one you murdered" she growled. "You killed my mate." Then, with a rake of his claws, the leader that brought so much pain to clans,the leader that broke the warrior code so many times, the leader that would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, was dead.

2. The flame's ignitionEdit

"Flamekit and Eaglekit's eyes are opening" a battle scarred yellow she cat told her mate. Her mate smiled, then came in to see the brilliant green eyes of Flamekit. "Big black cat!" he said, trying to stand. His brother Eaglekit put his mouth on Flamekit's head. They bowled each other over, then they loosened their grips and fell asleep. Pearstar smiled. "Our kits will follow us" he said.

"Of course they will" Songleaf gloated.

"When my reign ends, they will be the best cats ever to have lived. They will never follow my father's path." Then, he went off. Songleaf sighed, then settled down. There was something she was hiding from her mate. She fell asleep, her paws cuddling her kits.

3. Stonepaw's envyEdit

Stonepaw padded out of the apprentice den as Pearstar called a clan meeting. "Today we are ready to welcome a new warrior. Frogpaw, come foward." Stonepaw watched enviously as a long legged silver tom trotted up to the leader. "Frogpaw, you have been shown that you can be a warrior after you fought off that fox. Now, Frogpaw, do you wish to fight for this clan, even if it means risking your life?" Pearstar asked.

"I do" Frogpaw said, eyes shining.

"Now, with the powers of my ancestors, I grant you your warrior name. Frogpaw, from now on, you will now be known as Frogthorn. StarClan honours you for your bravery and determination."

"Frogthorn! Frogthorn!" the clan cheered. Stonepaw growled. Frogthorn smiled, the looked to his rival. "Well" Frogthorn said, getting into Stonepaw's face. "Looks like I did become a warrior before you."

"I'll show you" Stonepaw snarled. "I'll just show you."