Leader: Loststar-grayish brown striped tabby tom with a torn ear, a scarred pelt, and one eye; green eye

Deputy: Blazestone-large ginger striped tabby tom; blue eyes

Apprentice: Sparkpaw

Medicine Cat: Shrewclaw-small black tom; green eyes


Sharpice-black-and-white tom; blue eyes

Apprentice: Gempaw

Pebblethorn-mottled gray she-cat; amber eyes

Apprentice: Aurorapaw

Mossfeet-tortoiseshell she-cat with black paws; green eyes

Apprentice: Raggedpaw

Sparkpelt-ginger striped tabby tom; green eyes

Apprentice: Dapplepaw

Yellowthorn-dark gray she-cat; yellow eyes

Apprentice: Pinepaw

Nettlestream-sleak black tom; blue eyes

Icestreak-black she-cat with a white streak on her face, and white tail tip; blue eyes

Graysong-long-furred gray tom; yellow eyes

Cloverflower-cream she-cat; blue eyes

Redtalon-dark ginger tom; amber eyes

Duskshadow-long-furred dark gray tom; blue eyes

Crowshadow-skinny black tom; amber eyes

Littlerain-small gray tom with darker flecks; blue eyes

Dewpool-blue-gray she-cat; blue eyes

Oakspots-brown spotted tabby she-cat; amber eyes

Rosemask-tortoiseshell, black, and white she-cat; amber eyes

Cloudflame-long-furred pale ginger tom; blue eyes


Sparkpaw-dark ginger striped tabby tom; green eyes

Gempaw-white she-cat; blue eyes

Aurorapaw-blue-gray she-cat; blue eyes

Raggedpaw-long-furred dark ginger tom; green eyes

Dapplepaw-dark brown spotted tabby she-cat; blue eyes

Pinepaw-small black tom; amber eyes


Poolspots-blue-gray she-cat with darker flecks; blue eyes; mate of Crowshadow

Kits: Darkkit, Pepperkit, Waterkit, Lavenderkit, and Sparrowkit

Violetsun-long-furred black she-cat; yellow eyes; mate of Cloudflame

Kits: Blazekit and Runningkit


Frostflight-skinny white tom with a missing ear; blue eyes

Sorrelleap-tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes


Darkkit-long-furred black tom; amber eyes

Pepperkit-small black tom; amber eyes

Waterkit-blue-gray she-cat with a darker stripe on her back; blue eyes

Lavenderkit-long-furred gray she-cat; green eyes

Sparrowkit-small black-and-gray tom; green eyes

Blazekit-long-furred pale ginger tom; yellow eyes

Runningkit-white tom with black patches; green eyes

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