Author: Aniju Aura

Prolog: A Fire is BornEdit

The night was calm and warm.A small kit began to stir, swarming and wiggling on the mossy bed. His mews at first were soft but began to grew louder and loud as his mother licked him gently. His mother picked him up and placed the little kit next to her body for warmth. He snuggled up to his litter-mate brother and sister. He was blind but no longer deaf. His sibling brother began to wiggle beside him. Their sister just nagged closer to their mother to sleep in peace. Their mother licked each kit on the head. Then she heard motion at the entrance to the nursery. A big tom with a blazing pelt came in. He touched noses with his mate and sat down. He licked each one of his kits.

“What share we name them, Fintail?” he asked gently.

“I think this one will be named Hazelkit,” replied Fintail. “What shell we name our daughter, Blazepelt?”

“She is a beautifully silver kit. I think we should name her Silverkit.”

Their last kit rolled over on his back. He began to mew loudly again. He crawled on his short uneasy legs till he almost fell out of the mossy nest. His father picked him up and placed him gently next to his other sibling. He was a dark brown kit with an even dark steak going down his back. His chest looked dirty as if he had been rolling in ashes but he was clean thanks to his mother constant bath times. He was always trying to crawl away and explore the nursery even though his eyes were still closed. His mother could nap for more than a few whiskers twitches before he would be off adventuring again.

“He is a feisty one with a bright spirit,” said his father.

“We can’t name him firekit. He is brown. He’s not like you flame colored fur. But he has a little fire inside of him.”

“Why not Cinderkit?” suggested another cat coming in to the nursery.

“Hello Mapplepelt,” Blazepelt greeted. “He does look like ash but I don’t think his fire is out.”

“His fur looks burnt after a fire scorched the trees,” commented Mapplepelt.

“He looks burnt?” questioned his mother alarmed.

"His little fire got the better of him. I think it will one day when he is an apprentice. He'll be a troulbe one, just like me!"

“He’ll be a good warrior Blazepelt,” said Fintail. “You’ll see. He’ll be just like you; strong, brave and loyal.”

“And hotheaded,” added Mapplepelt. “A little bit of his father’s fire rumbled off on his son.”

Fintail licked her son again to make sure he was clean.

“Can you ask StarClan what should be his name, Mapplepelt?” asked Fintail as she finish cleaning her kit for the hundredth time today.

“And maybe a prophecy?” added Blazepelt.

“I’ll go have a look at the stars,” she said. “Come with me Blazepelt.

Mapplepelt looked at the kit. Then she dashed outside with Blazepelt right behind. She stop in her paw trace and looked up at the sky. The Silverpelt glitter above the trees. Then a small bright light flash threw the night sky and fell into a cloud. The cloud faded to smaller clouds.

“He he’ll burn bright and influence many. You have a strong kit just like you, Blazepelt.” Mapplepelt told him. “He has his own bright spirit but it won’t always show. He is just like you.”

“I guess his name will be Scorchkit, since he will score everyone he meets with his spirit.”


Chapter I: The Apprentice of FireEdit

Scorchpaw followed his mentor Thistletail into the darkness. The trees and grass had grown thick in greenleft. He could barely see him a few tail lengths ahead. Scorchpaw was half the size of his mentor and it didn’t help that his mentor’s pelt was a sandy brown with dark stripes. He blended in with the twigs and branches. Scorchpaw could frolic into the air like a playful kit. He was on hunting patrol today. He didn’t want to scare the prey away again. He had to rely on his good hearing to follow his mentor. He could hear bird singing above them but Scorchpaw knew they were out of reach. He harried along as quietly as he could after Thistletail. Scorchpaw mimicked his mentor’s movements as best as he could, trying to stay quiet. Then suddenly Thistletail stopped in his paw prints.

Scorchpaw stop too. He listened but couldn’t hear anything. Scorchpaw waited for his mentor to move. Thistletail got low to the ground and began to creep forward slow, paw step by paw step. Scorchpaw dare not move. He didn’t want to make a sound. He didn’t want to scare away any prey today. He watched Thistletail soundly motion. Finally the warrior stopped. Scorchpaw held his breathe and then Thistletail leaped in to the air two cat lengths high. He pounced down and Scorchpaw heard a sharp squeak. Scorchpaw finally moved forward. He jumped out of the grass to see what Thistletail had caught. His mentor stood up with a vole in his month. He smiled at his apprentice.

“Now let’s see if you can catch anything,” he muttered.

“I’ll catch the biggest rabbit anyone has ever seen!” he cried as he took off running into the thicket.

“If you don’t scare all the prey from here to Red Tree,” said Thistletail to himself.

Scorchpaw kept on running looking for any prey. He dashed down to where the river met the roots of the trees. He knew there would be water voles and mice around here and maybe even a bird r a rabbit taking a drink. Scorchpaw crouch down peering over a log hopping for something. He was disappointed. He saw nothing but water and rocks. Scorchpaw sat up in frustration. He had to catch something without his mentor’s help. Scorchpaw turned around looking for Thistletail but couldn’t see him. He must have not fallowed him or was burying his catch. Scorchpaw was about to leave and look in the tall grass again when he heard something this time.

Across the stream appeared another cat. She was a bright ginger colored cat with long wavy fur. Her eyes were a bright blue. He didn’t recognize her. She wasn’t from his Clan but who was she then. He had to find out why she was here, but for now he watched her. She was on the other side of the stream on StormClan territory. She scampered along the water’s edge in a hurry. Scorchpaw followed her lightly on his paws. She was going somewhere fast and he had to know where. She wasn’t looking for fish in the water or she wasn’t hunting mice. She was in too much of a rush to be hunting. She wasn’t patrolling either. Scorchpaw jumped out from the glass in clear side. The she-cat stopped in her paw prints.

“Who are you?” he snarled.

“I’m from StormClan and I don’t have to tell you anything,” she snapped back.

“Oh well this is BlazeClan territory. You better not come over here or I’ll give you some scratches.” Scorchpaw puffed up his fur trying to look bigger than he really was. “I’m a BlazeClan warrior you know.”

“No you’re not. You’re just an apprentice like me,” she hissed.

Scorchpaw fur ruffled up with frustration. Everyone knew he was just an apprentice and he didn’t like that. He would have liked someone to look up to him and think he was a warrior. How did she know he was lying? She wasn’t from his clan. Did she go to a Gathering? That would mean she has been an apprentice longer than him. Scorchpaw had not been announce to be a warrior at the Gathering and wouldn’t till he was made a warrior. So far he has only been an apprentice for a few moons and hasn’t got to a Gathering or the Moontree yet.

"I'm Amberpaw," she said cheerfullu taking Scorchpaw off gaurd. "What's your name?"

“I’m Scorchpaw,” he replied.

"Why that? Did you get burned?"

"No but my father said a bit of his fire rubbed off on me," Scorchpaw said proudly.

“You’re father got burned?”

“No is has fiery orange fur, a bit like yours.”

Amberpaw looked offended by what he said. Scorchpaw thought quickly for something to say. He could tell he made her mad. He needed to complement her fur now.

“You look bright like the sun you know?” He said. “The sun is made of fire.”

“Well I’m not,” she responded.

Just then Scorchpaw heard something behind him. He turned to see another BlazeClan apprentice. It was Ravenpaw. He was a black and white cat with white paws. He had jumped out of the bushes with a mouse in his jaws. He dropped the mouse and chase running to Scorchpaw. The look on his face suggested he wanted to know who Scorchpaw was talking too. From behind him appeared another apprentice. This time it was long haired light blue grey she-cat. It was Dan’s friend and Ravenpaw’s litter-mate Blueberrypaw. She followed her brother to the river where Scorchpaw and Amberpaw were.

“Who’s she?” asked Blueberrypaw with a hiss. “She’s not from our Clan.”

“She smells like StormClan,” said Ravenpaw.

Scorchpaw could tell Amberpaw was ready to run or fight whatever it came to.

“She’s on her side of the river,” Scorchpaw leaped in front of his friends. “She hasn’t broken any rule. There no need to be angry. I was just talking to her.”

“About what?” demanded Blueberrypaw. “StormClan only have snow and marsh on their territory”

“We have a lot to hunt on our territory for your information,” snapped Amberpaw.

“Stop it guys. I wanted to know what it’s like in another Clan. She’s very nice if you give her a chance.”

“Why is she here then?” asked Ravenpaw calmly.

“I’m looking for my brother,” Amberpaw said very loudly.

“Brother? There’s another StormClan cat around here?” Blueberrypaw looking around alarmed. “Is he big?”

“No, well bigger than me. He has fur that looks more like fire then mind.”

As soon as she said that they all heard a yowl from StormClan territory. Amberpaw turned around as Scorchpaw, Ravenpaw and Blueberrypaw all looked up. There above Amberpaw stood another StormClan cat but this one was not an apprentice but a warrior. He was a big white tom with ginger spots. His green eyes glowed with fury. He leaped down to where the apprentices where. Then another warrior appeared. This one was a long haired black and white tom with a black spot on his nose. He jumped down too.

“Amberpaw what are you doing?” asked the black tom.

“It doesn’t matter,” said the bigger tom before Amberpaw could say anything. “We have a chance to take over some new territory Spotnose. They are only apprentices here.”

Before the BlazeClan appertained knew it there were more cats pouring down the hill above from StormClan. There about five new warriors. Ravenpaw yelled to run but Blueberrypaw had already taken off on her paws back towards BlazeClan. Scorchpaw had frozen in place. He wasn’t afraid but he for some reason forgot he was there. It felt as if he was watching from somewhere else threw something. He was watching someone else life not his own. Scorchpaw was knocked out of his surreal state. He fell back on his side. Scorchpaw finally realized what was going on. Above him stood another cat but not a StormClan warrior. It was Thistletail!

Thistletail had another StormClan cat but the head and was kicking him with his hind legs. Scorchpaw got to his paw only to be knocked back down again. An apprentice from StormClan had him pinned down. It was not Amberpaw. Scorchpaw had no clue what had happen to her. Scorchpaw struggled to free himself. He kicking with his hind legs and claws with his front but the bigger apprentice had him down. This apprentice looked a long like the first big tom they saw before the cats attacked. Scorchpaw rolled over to his side and bit down into the other apprentice’s forearm. The cat yelped in pain and reared up off of Scorchpaw. Quickly Scorchpaw dashed out from under the other cat. He was in the fray of it all. Scorchpaw saw his mentor Thistletail fighting bravely. His mother Fintail was attacked another warrior. He also saw Pinkflower and Skyfoot fighting side by side. Flamestorm, the BlazeClan deputy, was fighting that big orange tom.

Scorchpaw felt something tear into his side and he was thrown off his paws. This time another apprentice attacked him. This one was smaller than the first and sported a dark blue pelt. The first apprentice appeared again. Scorchpaw turned to face them both. The bigger cat attacked first but just as Scorchpaw braced himself for the blow, the apprentice was thrown aside by another cat. It was Ravenpaw. He had returned with reinforcements. Blueberrypaw was with them and so was Scorchpaw’s father.

“Firetail, it’s hopeless!” cried Spotnose. “We should retreat!”

Firetail, the big tom the apprentice saw first, turned towards Scorchpaw’s father. He charged and rammed right into him. They rolled around on the group before Firetail jumped up. He took off running calling for his clan-mates to retreat back to StormClan territory. Scorchpaw gave the blue apprentice one last cuff on the head as head fallowed his clan with the other apprentice. The StormClan warriors disappeared. Scorchpaw caught a glimpse of an orange pelt dashing in to the ferns. It must have been Amberpaw.

“Are you alright?” asked Thistletail coming up from behind his apprentice.

“Yeah I think so,” Scorchpaw replied check himself for wounds. “I got scratched pretty badly on my shoulder though but nothing I won’t live through.”

Mapplepelt appeared with her herds in her month. She picked out a leaf from her pile and placed in on Scorchpaw’s shoulder. It stunk but it was going to help. She licked it on her his fur so it would stay. Then she got him some poppy seeds to numb the pain. Afterwards, she left to aid other wounded cats. Fintail had been bitten on the side of the head but was alright. Thistletail needed to be bandaged all over his stomach. Ravenpaw had a gash on his side while Blueberrypaw had a limp in her work. Pinkflower, Blueberrypaw’s mentor, had a torn ear. Skyfoot limped on his right front paw. While Coldpelt, an elder who shouldn’t be out fight, was in good condition.

“Alright then warriors,” said Scorchpaw’s father. “Let’s get back to camp. The queens are hungry and their kits are probably crying for food.”

“Peddlefoot’s kits, Mosskit and Rosekit, will be apprentices soon,” said Ravenpaw to Scorchpaw.

“Did you hear?” asked Blueberrypaw with excitement. “Splashtail had her kits. So far I only heard of one named Dewkit.”

“Where did you hear this?” asked Ravenpaw not believe what she said.

“From my mentor, Pinkflower said Mapplepelt told her.”

“Only three kits? I hope Splashtail had more than just one kit,” said Scorchpaw.

There was a shortage of kits who would become apprentices one day. The warriors started back home for the BlazeClan camp. It was hidden in-between three big oak trees. It was cover by ivy and brambles. There was one front door, a tunnel that led from the outside of the camp into the main area. Inside was wide with many other cats. There was a nursery for the kits and queens. It was hidden under one of the oaks and had bramble growing all over the outside making almost impossible to enter. There was but one small hole in the great oak’s side that allowed mothers, kits and their fathers to enter. No fox or banger or rival clan cat could get in. Beside this was the Medicine Cat’s den. It was made up of a small bush that arched over like a wave of water. There was a rock at the back end with was where the herds were kept. On the other inside of the camp was the warriors’ den. In was inside another one of the great oaks. This one had been dug out by another creature long ago and was abandon. The inside had been chewed away by the animal which made a cavern for many cats to sleep in. Next to the warriors’ den was the apprentices’ den. It was a small tree of some short. He had fallen over long ago and had been eaten out by various bugs. It was like a maze on the inside with many tunnels and caverns to hide in. it once was going to be the warriors’ den by Scorchpaw’s father decided it should be for the apprentices to play in and practice their warrior hunting moves. Beyond that was the leader’s den. It was the last oak tree but this one had a small hole part way up. It once belonged to an owl that flown away in the far past. There was a rock called the Lion’s Tooth that help the leader leap up into in. The Lion’s Tooth was where the leader stood while addressing his clan. And on the other side of the Leader’s den was the nursery. Scorchpaw’s father often visited him and his litter-mates while they were kits.

Scorchpaw’s litter-mates were still off hunting with their mentors when Scorchpaw’s party got home. He was tired and wanted nothing more but to eat something from the fresh-kill pile and go to sleep. Ravenpaw dropped his mouse on the pile and picked out a thrush for his meal. Scorchpaw picked up the mouse his clan-mate had caught and carried it to the apprentices’ den. Blueberrypaw joined them with a vole in her month. The three apprentices ate together and shared tongues

“The next Gathering is coming soon,” said Ravenpaw. “I hope we get to go.”

“Wow Ravenpaw is showing interest in something for once,” joked Blueberrypaw. “All the leaders will be there like umm… that one guy.”

“Jaggedstar, leader of StormClan,” mocked Scorchpaw for he knew the leader’s name.

“Then there’s Lightenstar, leader of ForestClan,” said Ravenpaw.

“There’s Flowerstar leader of MountainClan,” Scorchpaw added. “And there’s my father.”

“And the deputies,” said Blueberrypaw. “Eagleclaw of MountainClan, and Snowpelt of ForestClan and, and Firetail of StormClan and…and …and…”

“And Flamestorm of BlazeClan?” Ravenpaw remained Blueberry.

“Sometimes the Medicine Cats go but then other times they don’t,” Scorchpaw muttered. “Mapplepelt will most likely go. She likes Gatherings. She says Oakfoot is nice.”

“Which one is Oakfoot again?”

“Oakfoot is from StormClan. Then cats we just fought today.” Hissed Ravenpaw. “He’s the only nice cat from StormClan.”

“Amberpaw was nice,” muttered Scorchpaw to himself. “There’s Stonetail from ForestClan and Ferntail from MountainClan. There also nice says Mapplepelt. I guess all Medicine Cats are nice. Nicer than the other clan members.”

“Yeah that’s great,” yawned Blueberrypaw. “Poppy seeds make me sleepy.”

“They’re supposed to,” Ravenpaw yawned too.

“Arh, you’re spreading the yawn disease,” Scorchpaw said trying not to yawn.

“Well I’m going to sleep,” Blueberrypaw got up and headed inside the apprentices’ den.

Ravenpaw followed her inside as well. Scorchpaw got up and stretched then he saw his litter-mates coming inside the camp with fresh kill in their months. He was too tired to tell them what had happen today. Anyways, Mosskit was telling them the story. Scorchpaw headed inside the den to sleep. And what a dream Scorchpaw had.

Chapter II:Coming SoonEdit

Scorchpaw contiues his training and meets a new cat.