Mintleaf on the Hunt is a Warriors story.

Characters Edit

Story Edit

(It was a night after Lilacpaw and Mistypaw became apprentices)

Mintleaf: Oh yay! The apprentices need mentors, and I want an apprentice! And they are cute!

Oilclaw: Just stop talking and pick!

Lilacpaw: I want Mintleaf! She is the fastest hunter!

Mistypaw: No, sister! You're fast enough! Mintleaf can help ME!

(Mintleaf smirks)

Mintleaf: I...think I'll choose Lilacpaw.

Lilacpaw: YAY!!!

Oilclaw: Whatever. I don't mind taking Mistypaw.

Mintleaf: Training starts tomorrow!

The next day... Edit

Lilacpaw: Mistypaw! You can enjoy your stupid fighting lessons because I am going to learn to run as fast as the wind!

Mistypaw: I'm taking running lessons too! Haha!

Oilclaw: Come on and quit bickering! Mintleaf is already out there, and I woke up an hour ago!

Both apprentices: Okay!

Mintleaf: I smell...Stripedstar!? What is he doing? (To Lilacpaw) We better be careful.

Lilacpaw: Squirrelstar told me there was a lot of food there, so they shouldn't be hunting...

Stripedstar: Hello! I found these cats hunting in the forest, and they want to join your clan. Want to see them?


Mintleaf: Sure!

Stripedstar takes them to his den

Stripedstar: We have no medicine cat. Will you two take care of Redback in there?

Mintleaf: (looks in) Redback is a dog?

Lilacpaw: Geez! We are warriors! How can we take care of a stinky old dog?

Stripedstar: Redback will be a fine warrior someday! We don't care that she's a dog!

Mintleaf: We will take care of her...but...couldn't you just take in a rogue? A loner? A kittypet?

Stripedstar: (growls) We need more warriors. Don't you know what happened to Smokestripe?

Lilacpaw: I don't like talking to this warrior! Let's go take care of that stupid dog!

Mintleaf: OK.

Redback: I'm glad someone actually came to help.

Mintleaf: Thanks...Would you like something to e-eat?

Redback: You bet! We have plenty of fresh-kill. Bring some to me, apprentice. But if I catch you eating any of it, I will not hestitate totell Stripedstar what you are doing!