Warriors: Rise of DeathClan is the story of Amber and her kits being lured into SteelClan. But when a new Clan rises, Amber seems to be the only hope.On the way to becoming a legend, they must seek help: from the most unlikely of choices... Will Amber prevail? Or will DeathClan take the forest?


Silverpelt shone brightly. The stars twinkled, and there was a falling star. Suddenly, in the darkness, a sleek furred animal appeared. A few more appeared, muttering something under their breath.

"Thats another fallen warrior. When will it end?" one of them meowed. "Hush." another one hissed. "A message. From StarClan."
After a few minutes, the sleek furred one spoke. "A terrible disaster is coming. Unlike any the forest has ever seen." it said.

"Then we must be prepared. We must face it like warriors." one hissed. "There is only one that can save us." Slowly, the stars started to form, and eventually it revealed a cat. Not a wild one, but a tame one, sleeping with two small kits.

The cats started mumbling things among eachother, confused that a kittypet was the destined hero. They stopped speaking and yowled in the night.

Chapter OneEdit

"Amber, wake up, wake up!" yowled a little voice. "Come on, you sleepy cat!' mewed another. Amber turned over, streched, and snapped her eyes open. "Yes?" she asked. "Our housefolk are going to take us to the park!" the kits went on.

Amber got up to her feet. "Ginger, Catnip, I want you to--" Her words were cut short by footsteps. A giant shadow loomed right over Amber. Instinctively, she rolled over and meowed. The giant, a Twoleg, bent over and Amber started purring. The Twoleg leaned back up.

The Twoleg reared back up. "Time to go." it said. The Twoleg had his left eye closed, and he was reduced to limping to to a terrible wound on his leg, but that did not stop him from being a great owner of the cats. He headed towards the door.

Amber and her kits followed. Suddenly the Twoleg stopped dead. He gasped, than ran off. The cats looked in the direction. Someone was running towards them. Amber yowled in terror, and fled. Her two kits were already running, yowling "Come back!"

The man had a cage, followed by a dog. He seemed crazy, but he was far behind. The cats saw a sight most familiar: the forest. They ran some more, then dived into the cover of the trees. They were panting, but were cut short by a voice. "Ditched by his Twoleg owners, eh?"

Chapter TwoEdit

The cats spun around, alarmed. They saw... a cat. A forest cat. It was pure black, with a long tail. "W-w-who a-are y-ou?" Ginger stammered. "Who am I? Who are you?" the black cat meowed. "Running fancy daisy all you want into the territory of the clans."

"Clans?" Amber meowed. "Yes. I am Blacktail of SteelClan. Hawkstar shall ask you questions, little kittypets. Come." The black cat trodded off. The cats followed warily, unsure if it was the right thing to do. Soon they came across a dark cave.

To Ambers surprise, they went in the cave. Amber could see cats staring at them. They were saying something. Soon they came to a high rock. A huge tom was perched on the rock. He spoke. "Blacktail, well done. The legendary heroes have arrived."

"What?!?" Amber hissed. The tom leaped off the giant rock. He walked to Amber and her kits. "Yes. Recently, one of our warriors, Clawfur, was killed by DeathClan." he said. "DeathClan?" Amber meowed. "Let me explain." the tom meowed calmly.

"DeathClan is a clan formed by former members of BloodClan. BloodClan was a terrible clan of evil twoleg cats that planned to take over the forest. Scourge, their leader, was killed by Firestar. Firestar was a kittypet, mind you. And if a kittypet can become a hero, you can too."

"DeathClan is leaded by Roguestar, Scourge's lost brother who swore to avenge his death. No one knows their true intentions." "A sign from StarClan tells us YOU are the heroes. Do you wish to join SteelClan? You will learn the virtuals of the wild."

"You wil learn your innerself. You will become one with the forest." He glared at Amber. "But let me tell you, you shall leave your soft foolish kittypet life." he hissed. Amber looked around. The cats looked at her expectantly. Amber sighed. She looked around once more.

"I have no choice anyways, so..yes." she meowed softly. Hawkstar jumped up. "Perfect. Your names?" he asked. "Amber, Catnip and Ginger." Amber meowed. Hawkstar leaped onto the rock once more. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey meet here at the Great Rock!" he called.

Amber, Catnip and Ginger climbed onto the rock. "The heroes have come. Amber, Catnip, and Ginger, I hail you by your new names. Ginger, from this moment on you will be known as Gingerpaw. Amber, you will be a queen known as Amberstripe."

"Catnip, you will be known as Tanpaw." he said. "Tanpaw? No way! I want a different name!" Tanpaw complained. Hawkstar looked at Amberstripe. "He really is a fuss." she admitted. "Then from this day on, you will be known as Oatfur." Hawkstar meowed teasingly.

Tanpaws eyes widened. Gingerpaw hardly sustained a laugh. She let a mrrrow of amusment, then said "I think he likes his old name." Hawkstar looked at her. 'Very well. He can keep his name." Hawkstar said. He leaped to the ground.

Suddenly, a cat barged in. He was panting hard. "Badgertail! What is it?" he hissed. Badgertail managed just enough strength to yell "Badgers!" before falling to the ground. "Badgertail alerting of badgers. Wow." a cat said. A creature crawled into the cave with something dangling from its jaws, it's eyes glowing.

It was a badger.

Chapter ThreeEdit

The badger snarled menacingly. It lunged towards the nearest cat: Blacktail. There was a screech, followed by a slash. The badger darted around wildly, and Amberstripe could see that it's eyes had been scratched beyond repair.

More badgers came in, and soon the cavern was in a full fledged fight. Fur was flying everywhere. More badgers came in, until Amberstripe thought the cavern could take no more. She crawled to a corner, but a badger lunged at her. She yowled and ran into the corner.

The badger snapped at her, and she huddled in the corner. The badger edged ever so close, and Amber closed her eyes, waiting for her demise. Suddenly, the badger snarled and scratched her shoulder, then turned and fled for the cavern entrance.

Badger after badger snarled and ran for the entrance. There was a screech. Amber turned. Gingerpaw and Tanpaw were stuck in a crack, with a badger snapping at them. The cats ran towards it. Suddenly, the badger flew into the air.

Something hit the badger. One minute, the badger was a roaring carnivore. The next, it was on the ground, feebly jerking it's limbs. It had claw marks all over it, and any cat could see that it was nearing death. The blood spread and left its body in a scarlet river.

The badger stopped twitching. Something stood above the cats in the dark. Then it spoke. "It's time for the time I never wanted to happen."

Chapter 4Edit

The cats looked disbelivingly at the unmoving badger. They looked at the strange creature. It stood on two hind legs. The back of its knee was terribly sliced open, and it had scars on it's arms. Amberstripe could clearly see that the creature was missing an eye.

But it had something odd: claws. Claws not of a cat, or a dog, but a creature outside the forest. Amberstripe suddenly reconized th figure with a jolt. It was her old Twoleg owner. The cats were trembling, hoping they would not be next.

The Twoleg spoke once more. Its voice cracked like ice and was barely understandable. ``Come with me.`` it murmured. It started to walk off, but then Hawkstar spoke. ``Go with you? I`d rather get killed by the badgers!`` The Twoleg stopped. Then it lunged at Hawkstar with amazing speed.

``Listen, Hawkstar!`` it shouted. How did it know Hawkstar`s name?`` Amber wondered. The Twoleg continued it's rage. ``You go with me, that`s the right decision. You DON`T go with me, I`ll have the pleasure of tearing out your throat!``

Hawkstar glowed at the Twoleg`s claws. Then he he backed away. ``Excuse me?`` a gray she cat said. ``May we tend for our wounded first?`` she asked. The Twoleg glowered for a second, then said ``Very well, Mistclaw.`` Amberstripe stared in disbelief. How did it know all the cats names?

Mistclaw peered at Badgertail, who was staggering up. Mistclaw looked at him. "Are my wounds serious?" he meowed. "No, but I'll need cobwebs. I'll also need some poppy seeds." she meowed. "Birchpaw." A small cat came out of a cave, carrying cobwebs and such in his mouth.

"Thank you, Birchpaw." Mistclaw meowed gratefully. Birchpaw went back to the medicine cave. They looked at the other unmoving shape of fur that the first badger was carrying. Hawkstar's eyes widened. "Moonfur!" he shouted. He looked at the body. There was silence.

"He's dead." Hawkstar said at last. There were yowls of horror. Moonfur looked peaceful, almost as if he were resting. "Who's Moonfur?" asked Amberstripe. "Moonfur was an elder who was known by the Clans. He saved us from a dog attack." Blacktail explained.

Amberstripe looked at Moonfur's body, then at the Twoleg. "I believe I must introduce myself." the Twoleg said. "I had known the secrets of the forest. I knew about StarClan. And that is when I met Blacktail." he said. "She was the only one who truly knew about me."

"I learned about my cats. Their destiny. I didn't want it, but I knew it must happen. I have been secretly protecting the clan ever since." He looked at the cats. "Blacktail knew me as Shadowclaw. And that is what you will calll me from now on." he said.

"And you shall follow me now." he rasped. He limped towards the cavern entrance. The cats looked at eachother, then followed him. Amberstripe was shocked. How did her former owner expect to lead her through this?

Chapter 5Edit

The cats wearily followed Shadowclaw. Tanpaw padded over to Amberstripe. "W-Where is he taking us?" he stammered. He added more seriously. "And when can I get rid of this ridiculous name?" Amberstripe looked at him, her eys glowing.

"I don't know where he's taking us, Tanpaw. But one thing is for sure: he's our old owner." Tanpaw's jaw dropped open. "And you're name is not Oatfur anymore." Tanpaw didn't seem to hear. He rushed to Shadowclaw at the front of the group.

He rubbed up against Shadowclaws leg, and purred. Immediatly, Shadowclaw withdrew his leg, and faced Tanpaw. "You are not a kittypet anymore, Tanpaw." he said. He bumped Tanpaw back to Amberstripe. Tanpaw fell to the ground, his eyes closed.

"Get up, Tanpaw." Amberstripe meowed. "No." hissed Tanpaw back. "I'm going to lay down here until I die. Everything has gone wrong." Amber looked down. "I know. But you can't be so quick to regret everything. It's what happened, and what will be."

She got Tanpaw up, and Gingerpaw padded over. "What's wrong?" she said to her brother. "What's wrong?-" Tanpaw began. "I'll tell you what's wrong! Our lifes have gone kaput, our owner won't even pet us, and were in the middle of nowhere! Does that answer you're question?!?"

Gingerpaw stared, horrified. She padded off. Tanpaw breathed in rage. "Tanpaw-" Amberstripe began, but Tanpaw interupted her. "Don't you tell me what to do, you...mouse brain! You're no better than my mouse brained sister. Everybody but me is mousebrained!"

With those words, Tanpaw darted off. "Tanpaw, wait!" she yelled. Suddenly, Birchpaw stood up from the crowd. "I'll get him." he said. Mistclaw ran after him. "You're barely an apprentice!" she shouted. "Listen, that may be, but if I want any respect, I mine as well." he meowed.

He took off in the direction Tanpaw ran off. Gingerpaw padded up. "I hope he's okay." she meowed. Amber and the other followed Shadowclaw some more. They came to an area of running water. "The Mist River?" Hawkstar meowed in confusion. "What would DeathClan want with it?"

"Listen." Shadowclaw rasped. "If DeathClan gets one sip of this water, they will become...immortal. With this status, they can take over the forest. We must kill three cats if we want to stop DeathClan: Crimsonclaw, Bloodfur, and Roguestar. Those are the cats in command."

We defeat them, DeathClan runs away. But if any of them find this water' location, it's over. We must defend this area with our lives." Shadowclaw said. "Right." Hawkstar meowed. "I want extra patrols on this river, and DON'T drink from it. If you see enemy cats, drive them off."

"I will organize the patrols tommorow. We must also give Amberstripe and her kits a proper welcome. And we need to find Tanpaw. Birchpaw should take care of that. Everyone, I need you to get a good nights rest." He padded off.

Amberstripe yawned. She headed towards Loopycaves, eager for the next morning.

Chapter 6Edit

Tanpaw sat on the ground. "Why?" he wailed. "Why can't anyone treat me fairly?!?" Tanpaw collapsed on the ground. He meowed sorrowfully. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes. Tanpaw jumped up. "Who's there?" he hissed.

Birchpaw padded out of the bushes. "Oh. What do you want?" Tanpaw said angrily. "I've come to pick you up, silly furball." he meowed. "I'll come back WHEN I want to come back." Tanpaw hissed. Birchpaw looked at him dissapointedly.

"It's probably cause you new around here, but you'll have to come back. You're no kittypet anymore, the Clan decides what you do." Birchpaw meowed. "You can't tell me what to do!" Tanpaw raged. "You're not even older than me!"

"The Clan-" Birchpaw was cut off. "The Clan is a mousebrain!" he screeched. He lunged at Birchpaw and grabbed him by the neck. He flung him to his right side, and Birchpaw landed with a thud. "Does that teach you?" Tanpaw hissed.

Suddenly, the ground crumbled beneath Birchpaw. He yowled, and started running on nothing. Birchpaw was on a cliff. Tanpaw's eyes widened and he darted foward. Birchpaw fell through the ground. Tanpaw rushed and bit onto his paw. He held for Birchpaw's life.

Birchpaw's paw slipped, and he grabbed the edge. Tanpaw put his paw onto Birchpaw's paw. He grabbed it. Suddenly, the ground started collapsing more. Tanpaw yowled in terror, and flung himself backwards. He clawed the ground and tumbled backwards.

He fell onto the ground. The cliff had stopped collapsing. Tanpaw peered down the edge.

Birchpaw was dead.

Chapter 7Edit

Tanpaw tumbled backwards in disbelief and shock. Birchpaw had died, and it was all his fault. He should have never left the clan. His eyes widened, he turned tail and darted foward into the trees, away from the crumbled clifftop.

Amberstripe opened her eyes. She got up and streched, and started to walk, only to be pushed down by a flying object coming from nowhere. Amberstripe blinked in surprise. She looked up. It was Gingerpaw, playfully on top of her.

"I've got you!" she hissed playfully. Amberstripe got up. "This isn't a time for playfighting, Gingerpaw." Gingerpaw looked at Amber's eyes in surprise. "I'm not playfighting!" she meowed. "The older appretinces are teaching me some defense and attack moves! They say that I'm special: I'm going to have Hawkstar as a mentor!"

Amberstripes eyes lightened up in a memory. She remembered Hawkstar calling her and her kits "legendary heroes" when they had first arrived. "I just hope Tanpaw's okay." Tanpaw meowed. Amberstripe had wondered what had happened to Tanpaw.

She padded over to the fresh kill pile. She had the choice of salmon...mice...voles... She plucked a juicy fish out and brought it out to eat. She was starving. She saw the apprentices chatting about something. She decided to hear.

She couldn't get all the words what they were saying, but she perked her ears and listened. "You know Amberstripe and her kits, right? And their the legendary heroes StarClan predicted and all that? Imagine if Hawkstar dies. I think Amberstripe would be a great leader!"

Amberstripe wasn't fond of being leader, but she liked that. She continued to listen. "And you know Shadowclaw, right? I bet the could slice open DeathClans necks if he wanted to!" Amberstripe withdrew. Would Shadowclaw actually do that? She peered over.

Shadowclaw was sitting on a rock. His eye shone intensely, and Amber had to squint. She padded over to Shadowclaw. "How did you know about us?" she asked. Shadowclaw looked down. "It's a long story. I used to be your average Twoleg. That is, until I saw the forest cats."

"I knew about StarClan, how they talked about it. And the Twilight Forest, where the bad cats go when they die. None of them ever saw me. I dialected codes from the stars. I could communicate with StarClan. Then, Blacktail, formerly known as Blackpaw, met me."

"He was scared, yet we got to know eachother. I sent translations from the stars to him. He told that he could read them himself. I got you and your'e kits, in hope you would do the same. But you did not. I watched... I waited... My hopes had grown dull."

"Then I had another sign from StarClan. That you would be the saviours of the clan. Only you could stop DeathClan. Ever since that maniac chased us off, my secret had to be exposed." Shadowclaw looked up and said no more. Amberstripe padded off.

Suddenly Tanpaw burst into the cavern. His fur was ruffled, and his eyes were very wide. Hawkstar looked at him. "Tanpaw! Whats wrong? And where's Birchpaw?" Tanpaw was mute. He began to stammer. "B-bir-crhpaw...o-oh, B-b-irchp-paw, h-he's dead!"

The cats gasped in horror. "It couldn't be!" yowled one of the cats. My only kit is dead!" Hawkstar leaped down. "Now now, Sweetfur, some things have to happen in life." Sweetfur hissed at Hawkstar, and padded to Tanpaw.

"P-Please, d-d-don't hu-hurt me, m-ma'm... Tanpaw backed off. Suddenly, Tanpaw's eyes rolled behind his head, and he collasped to the ground, unconsious. Mistclaw padded over to Tanpaw's limp body. "Shock." she pronounced.

Sweetfur flattened her ears. "I was only going to tell him he is not to blame..." she mewed. "Your are right, Sweetfur. Sometimes, these things happen, and it is not right to blame others. From now on, you shall sleep in the warriors den."

"Mistclaw, take Tanpaw to the medicine den. We will hold a ritual for Birchpaw tommorow." He padded off. Amberstripe had uneasy thoughts. If Birchpaw is dead, whats going to happen to the rest of the clan?

Chapter 8Edit

Tanpaw opened his eyes. It was still dark. He tried to go back to sleep, but it wouldn't happen. Finally, he got up. She was not in the loopycaves. "Amber? Hawkstar? Shadowclaw?" Tanpaw called out. "Over here, little one." Tanpaw looked behind him.

It was a spirit cat. It had barely visible blue fur, and it was shining. "Who are you?" Tanpaw whimpered. "My name is Steelstar." the cat replied. It walked over to Tanpaw. "I am the first leader of SteelClan. I have come to you for special reasons."

Tanpaw looked confused. "Where am I, anyways?" he asked. Steelstar blinked. "This is the old territory of SteelClan." The cat walked around Tanpaw. "I was an originally a kittypet, just like you. But Firestar was a kittypet. That did not stop him from being a great leader."

"You and me are alike." Tanpaw was confused. "Why am I a spirit now?" A giant black cat appeared behind Steelstar. "I was murdered." The cat crashed onto Steelstar and he faded away. The black tom walked around Tanpaw, eyes blazing.

"My name is Deathstar. I murdered becasue I needed revenge. For Scourge." A small black tom with huge claws materilized in front of Deathstar. "I wanted revenge. I was not accepted. I wanted to take over the forest. Yet Firestar!" He spitted the words out painfully.

"Firestar, he killed me. And he almost killed my legacy. What a pathetic excuse for a half brother." Deathstar walked in front of him. "I wanted to get Scoruge through the minds of everyone forever. But not every cat can live forever. I died as well."

"Roguestar is the only help we have now. We will succed!" The cats turned on Tanpaw, and cloned each other endlessly. When Tanpaw thought the entire cave would be flooded, they all growled. "For Scourge!" They leaped at Tanpaw.

Tanpaw woke up screaming. The image was still in his head. He looked around. He was back. He lay down her head again. "Do not fear little one." Steelstar's voice was in his head. "We can do this."