Leader: Spiderstar-black tom with a white chest; amber eyes

Deputy: Pebbleleap-small gray she-cat; green eyes

Medicine Cat: Mistynose-pale gray she-cat; blue eyes

Apprentice: Molepaw


Whitesun-golden she-cat with a white mark on her forehead; green eyes

Apprentice: Diamondpaw

Pepperears-small gray tom with darker flecks, and black ears; blue eyes

Apprentice: Lavenderpaw

Cherryfeet-tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws; amber eyes

Apprentice: Yellowpaw

Snakeleap-white tom with ginger stripes on his tail; green eyes

Duskmark-dark gray tom with a black speck above his eye; blue eyes

Leafember-Calico she-cat; amber eyes

Pinefrost-black-and-white she-cat; green eyes

Sunbird-skinny golden she-cat; green eyes

Birchpool-pale brown tom with darker flecks; blue eyes

Gingerstorm-ginger she-cat; green eyes

Hareleap-grayish brown-and-white striped tabby tom; yellow eyes

Runningmoon-tall white tom; yellow eyes

Sandpelt-pale ginger she-cat; amber eyes

Darkwhisker-black tom; blue eyes

Mudnose-long-furred dark brown tom with a torn ear; amber eyes

Embertail-Calico she-cat; amber eyes

Blazefang-ginger striped tabby tom; amber eyes


Molepaw-dark brown tom; green eyes

Diamondpaw-small white she-cat; blue eyes

Lavenderpaw-long-furred black she-cat; blue eyes

Yellowpaw-golden striped tabby she-cat; green eyes


Petaltail-tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail tip; blue eyes; mate of Spiderstar

Kit: Specklekit

Goldsong-pale ginger she-cat; green eyes; mate of Snakeleap

Kits: Firekit, Shortkit, Hazelkit, and Shrewkit

Brindleleaf-ginger tabby she-cat; green eyes; expecting Birchpool's kits


Leafthicket-brown tabby tom with a scarred muzzle, ragged ear, and one blind eye; amber eyes

Fernpool-pale gray she-cat with darker specks; blue eyes

Rainypelt-gray tom with darker specks; blue eyes


Specklekit-dark brown striped tabby she-cat; amber eyes

Firekit-ginger tom; green eyes

Shortkit-light brown-and-white tom; green eyes

Hazelkit-ginger she-cat; yellow eyes

Shrewkit-brown tabby tom; blue eyes

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