Leader: Wildstar-small brown tom with a torn ear; amber eyes

Deputy: Gorsesinger-pale brown tom with a white chest; green eyes

Medicine Cat: Heatherwhisker-tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes

Apprentice: Mooncloud


Buzzardthorn-skinny black tom; amber eyes

Apprentice: Specklepaw

Sedgetail-light brown she-cat with a white tipped tail; yellow eyes

Apprentice: Spiderpaw

Shiningstream-long-furred silver she-cat with black stripes; blue eyes

Apprentice: Crookedpaw

Tigerwhisker-dark brown tabby tom; amber eyes

Apprentice: Redpaw

Riverwhisper-dark blue-gray she-cat; dark blue eyes 

Apprentice: Wingpaw

Soottalon-dark smoky gray tom with two black paws; amber eyes

Apprentice: Larkpaw

Moththicket-dark golden spotted tabby she-cat; amber eyes


Tinyblaze-small ginger tom; green eyes 

Lilypool-blue-gray she-cat; green eyes 

Addertail-ginger tom with darker stripes on his tail; yellow eyes

Brokenleaf-Calico tom; green eyes

Larkcloud-long-furred gray she-cat; yellow eyes 

Shimmerfeather-long-furred silver tabby she-cat; green eyes


Mooncloud-large white tom; blue eyes

Specklepaw-tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat; blue eyes

Spiderpaw-black tom; amber eyes

Crookedpaw-large pale ginger tom with a twisted claw; green eyes

Redpaw-slender Calico tom; amber eyes

Wingpaw-pale gray she-cat; green eyes

Larkpaw-gray she-cat with a darker stripe running along her back; yellow eyes

Bluepaw-blue-gray she-cat; blue eyes


Spotcloud-tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat; green eyes; mate of Addertail 

Kits: Owlkit, Sunkit, and Patchkit


Honeypath-golden tabby she-cat with a scar across her face; amber eyes 

Cherrypool-tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes


Owlkit-brown tabby tom; amber eyes

Sunkit-pale ginger she-cat; green eyes 

Patchkit-tortoiseshell tom; amber eyes