Leader: Coldstar-blue-gray tom; green eyes

Apprentice: Stripedpaw

Deputy: Honeyflight-golden striped tabby she-cat; amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Flowertooth-small white she-cat; green eyes


Specklerock-tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat; blue eyes

Apprentice: Bouncepaw

Thrushpetal-ginger she-cat with a white underbelly; yellow eyes

Apprentice: Sagepaw

Raincloud-dark gray tom; blue eyes

Apprentice: Berrypaw

Featherblaze-ginger striped tabby tom; green eyes

Apprentice: Cherrypaw

Sparkfeather-pale ginger spotted tabby she-cat; green eyes

Apprentice: Ripplepaw

Scarletripple-long-furred black she-cat; blue eyes

Apprentice: Brindlepaw

Lightningshadow-skinny golden tom with a black tail tim; green eyes

Apprentice: Thunderpaw

Webflower-skinny white she-cat; yellow eyes

Swiftstripe-white tom with black stripes; blue eyes

Fernmark-gray she-cat with a darker stripe along her back, green eyes

Rowannose-dark ginger tom; green eyes

Raintail-gray tom; blue eyes

Featherdrop-long-furred gray she-cat with a dark ear tip; blue eyes

Silverash-dark silver tom; amber eyes

Larkthorn-golden-brown striped tabby tom; green eyes

Sagemark-pale brown tom with a white tail tip; green eyes

Crookedflight-pale ginger striped tabby tom with a crooked tail; blue eyes

Flowerface-Siamese she-cat; blue eyes

Swanpool-white she-cat with a black streak on her face; blue eyes

Rainystorm-gray tom with darker specks; blue eyes


Stripedpaw-white tom with black stripes; green eyes

Bouncepaw-large pale ginger striped tabby tom; green eyes

Sagepaw-light brown-and-white striped tabby she-cat; green eyes

Berrypaw-blue-gray tom; blue eyes

Cherrypaw-tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes

Ripplepaw-dark gray she-cat; blue eyes

Brindlepaw-ginger she-cat; green eyes

Thunderpaw-large ginger striped tabby tom; amber eyes


Crystalfeather-silver-and-white striped tabby she-cat; blue eyes; mate of Coldstar

Kits: Bluekit and Nightkit

Sandpool-pale ginger she-cat; blue eyes; mate of Swiftstripe

Kits: Barkkit, Graykit, and Cedarkit

Swanfeather-white she-cat with black stripes; yellow eyes; expecting Lightningshadow's kits

Silentbreeze-long-furred black she-cat; green eyes; mate of Rowannose

Kits: Dewkit and Fawnkit

Eagleflower-brown-and-white striped tabby she-cat; yellow eyes; mate of Crookedflight

Kits: Flamekit and Silverkit


Berrypelt-dark cream tom; blue eyes

Haredapple-brown she-cat with darker dapples; green eyes

Heatherstripe-light brown striped tabby she-cat; amber eyes

Kestrelstorm-long-furred grayish brown striped tabby tom; yellow eyes

Shiningfang-silver striped tabby she-cat with a scarred pelt; blue eyes


Bluekit-blue-gray she-cat; blue eyes

Nightkit-black tom; blue eyes

Barkkit-brown-and-white tom; green eyes

Graykit-fluffy gray she-cat; yellow eyes

Cedarkit-dark smoky gray striped tabby tom; amber eyes

Dewkit-dark gray tom; blue eyes

Fawnkit-light brown she-cat with darker specks; green eyes

Flamekit-ginger striped tabby tom; green eyes

Silverkit-long-furred silver she-cat with a darker tail tip; green eyes

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