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This Wiki is for all those people who love Warriors and the cats of the Clans. Here people can write and create their own Warrior Clans and cats, as well as write stories for them. And now we have Role Playing

Creating Warriors Articles

Please keep this place clean since viewers of all ages are going to read here. When writing and article plase put the Clan's name as a last last nam example: Firestar ThunderClan instead of just Firestar. That way everyone knowns what group the cat is from and if their are repeating names, the viewer knowns which one is which. When writing a clan name please cappitle the C in Clan exapmle: ThunderClan instead of Thunder clan or Thunderclan. Crossover are okay around here too, just don't kill off any one else cat or any of the ones in the Clans without perimsion from the creator. Also don't change anyones Clan or character without asking. If the character's name is going to change the make the artiles brearing the finaly name the character will have. If an user decides to change the character's name exaple: Fireheart to Firestar the ask an Administrator or delete the old name so their aren't too many not used articles around here.

Note: thise isn't a wikia.

Check out thise site ofr ideas about warrior characters Cat Breeds! You can make your character more believible by using a realy cat breed and putting their special talen to use!

Role Playing

Role Playing is on Hold for the moment. We have five Role Playing Clans. Be sure to read the Role Play Rules before making you first role play. You can join one or all five Clans as a different cats. You can be more then one cat too. You can start as an apprentice or a warrior or even a kit! You can even have mates and children and of course an apprentice! Have fun role playing Warriors!

IceClan: Led by Icestar (role played by Sir Rock), these cats are brave, strong and very big in size. They are clever and can move swiftly in the snow where they live.

OceanClan: Led by Oceanstar (role played by pending), these cats are smart, fast and small in size They have beautiful coats and cane swim and move fast one sand.

MetalClan: Led by Metalstar (role played by Aniju Aura), these cats are a not just quite right in the head and big for cats and cunning. They hunt in the abondon human nest.

JungleClan: Led by Junglestar (role played b Aniju Aura), these cats a lean and used to hunting in hot wet contions. They can climb trees in a flash and jump from long distances.

WildClan: Led by Wildstar (role played by Sir Rock), these cats are smart, cunging and very adaptable. They hunt in the forest and claves where they live. They are rather new to the scene.

Please ask Aniju Aura if you have questions or wish to join a Clan.

Warriors News

  • Role Play Rules is on hole for the time being Feel freeto keep creating none role playing Clans and stories. Thank You, Your Warriors Fanon's Bureaucrat and Administrator Aniju Aura.
  • There are two Templates. One is called Template: Warriorsinfo which should be used in Warrior Articles and the other is Template:Claninfo which should be used in Clan Articles. Both have the infomation Headings that can be filled out for each article. Please have fun using them. See Templates for more infomation on how to use these new templates. Your Warriors Fanon Bureaucrat and Administrator Aniju Aura.
  • Alright everyone, since Warriors Wiki doesn't want us to use their warriors pictures I have draw some to start us off with. they aren't as good as the Warriors Wiki's but we can use them here. There's no rules like apprentices layouts or warriors layouts. All of these can bee used for any can no matter the rank. You can save the layouts but don't change them. Add your character's features and remember to save as your character name before uploading it here. Check out our Layouts at Pictures Layouts. Have fun and be creative! Your Warriors Fanon Bureaucrat and Administrator Aniju Aura.

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