These are the rules of the wiki - please read them carefully, and contact a mod or an admin with any questions or concerns that you may have. :3

General RulesEdit

  • Do not claim character/page names. Users can have OCs that share names with yours - why, even in the canon timeline, there are characters who share the same name. You cannot request someone to change the name of their OC, just on the basis that they have the same name with one of your characters.
  • Please respect other users and their opinions. This community is meant to be a warm and welcoming one - please don't hate on another person, even if their views differ from yours. If you feel like someone has been hating on you, please contact an admin, who will deal with the problem. c:
  • Please don't edit any articles that don't belong to you. The only exceptions are if you're fixing a category, spelling, grammar mistake or removing stolen images or replacing deleted infoboxes.
  • Only use art that was made by you or for you. If you haven't gotten an artist's permission to use their art, then please don't use it.
  • Keep all of the content PG. We will likely have younger audiences, and we can't guarantee that all of our users will be thirteen or over.
  • Please don't advertise other wikis, unless it's on a blog post. Though, again, make sure that you don't advertise too much. <3
  • Don't cuss or post inappropriate content. Profanities will be given one warning, but if anyone posts really, really inappropriate content they may be blocked without warning, and for several months.
  • Don't share any personal information. This includes your age, where you live, your real name or anything else that should be kept private.

Nomination RulesEdit

  • Anyone can nominate themselves, though this doesn't necessarily mean that they will be promoted.
  • It's better to ask permission from an admin, mod or bureaucrat. A staff member's support will ensure that your promotion nomination is official.
  • Please check out our promotion guidelines, which can be found here. Currently, however, the staff team is pretty adequately sized, given the small population of our community.

Chat RulesEdit

  • Don't spam. Lots of letters, sending on word at a time, random emotes - things like that. :3
  • Be respectful of other users' religious and political views, as well as their opinions. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe here. <3
  • Avoid topics that are sensitive to users - hating on someone else, rude or crude things, alcohol, sexuality, things like that. Again, as stated before, we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe here. :)
  • Please don't post links to other websites on chat. It messes up everything, and may even glitch the Internet of soem users.
  • Even when staff members are absent from chat, the rules still apply. If someone has been breaking the rules of chat (or anywhere else), please take a screenshot and let a mod/admin know.

FanClan RulesEdit

  • Keep all of your FanClans on blog posts, as the community is prone to getting clogged with forgotten FanClans. Once your FanClan wins a contest, however, then it may be posted on a page as an official FanClan.
  • Ask the creator's permission before making a character in a FanClan. This rule also applies to official FanClans, unless stated otherwise.
  • If someone has made a FanClan article, please report it to the admins/mods. We may begin implementing a "report" system (adding the category "Report" to a page), but this still needs to be discussed among the mods/admins.

Reporting RulesEdit

  • Please contact a mod/admin/bureaucrat if someone has infringed upon the rules - whether it's a cuss, inappropriate content, or something like that, please let our staff team know, either via private message or on their message wall. :3