The Legend of Brightpaw,Nightpaw, and Starpaw.Edit

Brightpaw yawned.She looked over to Nightpaw and Krestlepaw, her Littermates.Beside her, Scorchpaw snored.She stood up on her sleep-weery legs.The stiff crack it made wolk Thistlepaw and Talonpaw. Sorrelwhisker, her menter, called,"Nightpaw, Brightpaw hunting patrol!" Scorchpaw stood on his long-limed feet and stiffled a yawn as Brightpaw stalked out to the clearing.

Nightpaw growled away his sleep.Larchleg was already heading out.With a start, he shoved Strawberrypaw out of the way and headed out to hunt.

Starpaw heaved the heavy mouse back to camp.Tawnykit, Stickkit,Bluekit, and Swiftkit would love this!Her cranky mentor, Deerfoot, would be so proud!

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