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Valley was ValleyClan's first leader.He was strong, kind, loyal, and brave.He is tawny-colored and had a medicine cats, Valleyhelper,Talonwing , Dirtywood.He had one deputy, Birchbark.


Birchstar is a wiry gray tabby tom with blue circles aroud his eyes.He was a brave,helpful,loyal,kind, and trustworthy leader.He had Dirtywood and Frayedrock medicine cats, and Shellfawn and Larktree deputy.


Larkstar is a tawny she-cat, who was a wise, smart, brave, curious, helpful, and hopeful leader.She had just Frayedrock medicine cat, and Scowlfang deputy.


Being the harshed leader yet, this pure black tom was very vile, cruel, power-hungry, and clever leader.Being oh-so mean, he had Thrushwhisker, Jayclaw, Stormlake, Moistheart, Longfox, Cloverpelt, then Seedscowl, lastly Quailtail deputy.He had Frayedrock, Diamondbacktail, Peregrinebird, and Sorepelt as medicine cats.


Quialstar was the kindest, loyalest, friendlyest leader ever.She is a wiry gray tabby she-cat with an unkown deputy.She had Sorepelt and Mellowheart medicine cats.


Thirdstar is a pure white tom with three legs.He was the 3rd leader after Quailstar and had Fuzzyface as deputy.Mellowheart was the only medicine cat.


Fuzzystar is a friendly blue tom.He had unkown medicine cats and deputies.


Perchstar is a blue tom.He was 2 dozens of leaders after Fuzzystar and had Hazelspring and Zincpaw(Zinccloud).Medicine Cats.His deputy was Peregrinebill.


Peregrinestar is a gray she-cat with light blue tabby splotches.She had Pondplace and unknown deputies.Her medice cats were Hazelspring, Zinccloud, and Soilpaw medicine cats.


Boomstar is a tiny white tom with black paws and thick fur.He had Dogsong and Gingerpaw medicine cats, and Mountainshreech and Loudmeow deputies.He was a large number of leaders after Peregrinestar.


Loudstar is a dark gray tabby tom with Gingerherb and Crushedtail medicine cats and Troutwhisker, Kinkfeather, Spottedherb, Wildmeow, and Silverstep deputies.


Silverstar is a pretty silver she-cat with a slick coat.She had Gingerherb,Crushedtail, and Skypaw medicine cats.Her deputies were Yewwish, Nettlefellow, and Badgershade deputies.


Since Badgershade never got nine lifes, Dapplestar was the leader after him.She had Skyblue, Rivercloud, and Run ningpaw medicine cats.Her deputies are Thistlefellow, Boragesent, Slimwhisker, Tallfox and Lostfoot.