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In Palace of StarClan...not long the eyes of Skyblue,ValleyClan medicine cat...

"A darkness shall come.." came the voice of Honeytuft.Skyblue was horiffied."Deep Sorrows" a voice in the darkness cried.Skyblue knew this was Bramblejaws speaking."Dark Forest Longclaw rise against the fallen leafs" murmered Midnight in aggrement."Running sun and Bramble moon kin." said Midnight sister,Sunhigh.A voice hushed the murrmering."But the leaves kin are strong" wheezed Kinkflower,a GreenClan queen.Midnight awnsered with,"But strong are Sun-Moon,as is so to Running-Bramble." Badgershade yowled in aggrement.Sunset,the Badgers' half-brother snorted."But shall save whom?" he asked,confused.Silverstar replied,"will no help,Moon-Running-Bramble-Sun will save all the Clans.""Even MudClan." With that,SkyBlue wolk up.Tallfox ushered."Fallenleaf is having her kits!"

Chapter 1-Playing GamesEdit

"Moonkit, you're not fair!"Sunkit wailed.Another moss-ball whizzed past and hit Minkpelt, a ValleyClan queen, who was expecting kits any day now.Then Rivercloud, Bluesky's apprentice, came in.Runningkit ran up to her."I want to be like you!"she said.She was about to explain when Fallenleaf, Sun,Moon,Bramble, and Runningkit's mother interupted."Skyblue is getting quite old, and by next moon, he'll be with the elders." Yarrowsent snorted in amusement.Then, Bramblekit spotted a frog.He stalked twards it.Good catch, thought Moonkit.I'll show him!With that, she pounced with sheathed claws on Bramblekit.He squeled in suprise.Moonkit swiped and missed him.Bramblekit clumsly pounced on Moonkit,but she was quick to dodge.Then a voice rang out."Let all cats in the clan gather around Lowbranch for a clan meeting."

Then it rang again,"Yarrowsent, Ivyfrost, Gorsepaw." They scambled to the front. Sunkit heard Beekit say,"Wow, Mom is up front!"Then Dapplestar silenced the crowd.

"I, Dapplestar, leader of ValleyClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice.He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn."Runningkit couldn't hold back envy."Gorepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"Gorepaw awnsered,"I do.""Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name.Gorsepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Gorseleg.StarClan honors your determination and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ValleyClan."

Chapter 2-ToadstalkerEdit

Pounce!Ah ha! thought Bramblekit as he cought the frog he'd been stalking.Sunkit jumped up and down exididly.Today they are apprentices!

"Fallenleaf, can you rename me Toadkit?Then Toadpaw and lastly Toadstalker..."Brambleclaw asked.Fallenleaf just snorted in disgust."Let all cats of ValleyClan gather around for a clan meeting."

Chapter 3-I See Briarfoot,Leaffang,Finchfeather,and RivercloudEdit

It was a day after thier apprentice ceremony and Sunpaw was getting on Moonpaw's nerve again."Sunpaw!Stop it!" wailed Bramblepaw, who was getting angry also.Then, a pretty yellow she-cat came in.Seedpaw...Sunpaw was dazed for a heartbeat.Then snapped up at the sound of his mentor, Briarfoot."Sunpaw, dawn patrol!" Then he whisked his way out of the entrance and started off.

Not long after they left, Poppysong and her apprentice, Seeeeeedddddppppawwww.... sented something.By the look on their faces, it wasn't good.Then he sented it, to.Yuck,he thought,Crow-food.Then Brairfoot sprang up, too.She hissed,"P-P-P-PineClan!" Then Sweetscar, PineClan deputy, Preysky, and Crystlepaw, who, by the looks of it, was Preysky's apprentice."Halt!" hissed Sweetpaw."It was Crystlepaw who spoke,"We've got news."

"PineClan owns this part of the valley." hissed Sweetscar."But....ValleyClan owns the Valley!"They then backed off."We'll see soon enough!" hissed Crystlepaw.Soon enough,thought Sunpaw.Does that mean ambush!?

Chapter 4-Smart ArtsEdit

Runningpaw awolk.Leaves russled outside the cave.A horrible sent flooded her mouth.PineClan! She expected a battle cry, but a meow of greeting came.She smelled that sweet sent... it was her StarClan friend, Berryclaw! "Hi Berryclaw!" shouted Runningpaw.Berryclaw was the former medicine cat of PineClan.But she only replied in,"follow me." She followed her to Talltrees, then settled down in a nest of bracken."A traiter may come, he seeks you, don't listen, whatever you do!" A meow of aggrement came.Fleetfire the former GreenClan medicine cat.Another cat... Crushedtail, former ValleyClan medicine cat!Then she awolk.

Moonpaw yawned.Another day to hunt and train.She rose to her paws.Her mentor padded up to her."Do you want to hunt?" She awnsered with,"Boy, would I!" Then dawn patrol came in."Everyone, stay in camp!"

Sunpaw watched Dapplestar discussing with Poppysong."Clan meeting!"

Chapter 5-StarClan ShoutEdit

"Did I say the right thing?" Berrryclaw asked worridly."Yes, don't worry" awsered Bluepaw.Moonshine and Cockhead came over."Yes," they aggreed.Soothingheart came and sat down."Yes, I hope so.Longclaw will not hurt my daughter.Runningpaw knows well." Then, Wishflower and Valleyhelper sat down in the circle.The hairless tom sighed."Valley,Green,Pine,Mud?" Mud got there first."No harm will touch those 'paws because they'll save my clan!"

Bramblejaws sighed."We'll see the turnings out." While Loudstar yowled," come on!This is so hard, we can't make 'em not listen to Longclaw!" The beach fell silent.

Chapter 6-The Return of MagpiekitEdit

Bramblepaw awolk.It was misty out.Hey, misty?Thats not Dapplestar he looks like...Valleystar!But-but-but he's dead!Birchstar, too?Wait, I'm by apprentices!I am one, aren't I?Birchpaw... he'll be Birchstar! Bramblepaw walked to see a hairless tom.He was with a young tortiseshell-and-white she-cat with a black muzzle. "Talonwing," he said,"give these poppy seeds to Birchpaw, will you?" "Yes, Valleyhelper." Talonwing replied.Valleyhelper turned and almost bumped into him."Dirtypaw, what are you doing?You know Talonwing is in shock." Bramblepaw awnsered with, "Will she live?" Valleyhelper sighed."Most likely not." He stalked away."You will be the next medicine cat, right." He was shocked.

Chapter 7-A Pawful of Sunfalls'Edit

Runningpaw sighed.It had been four sunrises and Bramblepaw was still asleep.Ratpaw is Ratbite, Tallfox is with the elders, Lostfoots deputy... 2 new apprentices, 3 new kits... What was weird, he was still alive.Beepaw, Heatherpaw, Magpiekit, Jumpkit, Cragkit...A mummble came from the clearing.It was Bramblepaw."Magpiekit...HONK Shoo... don't be like... like... Talonwing and HONK Shoo.." Something was up.Bramblepaw was alive and well.But where?Talonwing sounds medice cat, and did I just hear him say, Birchpaw to Birchstar... what is he doing and where?

Chapter 8-The AwakeningEdit

Was it possible? Bramblepaw thought.He streched.Rivercloud and Runningpaw are not here.So he got up and walked out to the apprentices' den.Then he spotted Beekit."Beekit, you runt!Don't you and your sister come to the apprentices' den!You're only 'kits!" he bellowed.A confused gray face poked out of a nest."Bramblepaw...Dapplestar must know you're awake!" with that, a sleek of gray-and-red Heatherkit sprinted out the entrance. Ratpaw, just coming in said,"Heatherpaw!What's the--"He spotted me."Bramblepaw!" He just stared. "Hello, Ratpaw!" Ratpaw stopped ead in his tracks.His confused blue-ish face twisted."I'm Ratbite now!Heatherpaw is my apprentice."

What?Feeling confused, and a little mouse-brained, he asked "I've been asleep for how long?"

Chapter 9- The AttackEdit

A sent whisked the breeze.Everyone but Moonpaw had forgotten PineClan's clash with a patrol.She was on the patrol with the latest warning...It echoed in her head...PineClan owns this valley!You're but scraps of Eagles and Voles!Is this ours.. you'll see soon enough!She had insisted on guarding the camp every night.A horrible smell wafted into her nose.Crowfood!This is PineClan!A familiar smell also came.. she turned to see Berryclaw!A rustle in the leaves got her she sat up tall.A familiar voice sounded."My she-kitten can do anything.Go get 'em Moonpaw!" Her father, Soothingheart!Another voice."You can do it!My denmate can do it!" it was Blizzardpaw, who had been found dead by Fire Gulcth, had PineClan stink all over him, and had been buried next to Swoopbird.More sounded until it felt as if the whole StarClan was encouraging her.A black face with large hostile eyes peared from the brush."You found out soon enough."

Chapter 10- The End Chapter(For Some)Edit

Goldenstar called the attack."Crystle-eyes, Emberear, Swallowpaw!Attack!" It accurred to Moonpaw that Crystlepaw was now a warrior, just as the attack happend.Then she remembered Swoopbirds' death, and stratigy flinged most of the attack's patrol to thier demise.She raced quick to camp, and seeing Sunpaw, said,"Sunpaw!Alert the camp!" His eyes grew huge as Crysle-eyes burst into the undergrowth.He hurried of to do his deed.

As she raced on, Moonpaw wondered if she would also meet her death as Swoopbird did.She sighed.If she did, it would be a warriors' death. They neared the gultch.With an efort, the fast speeding trio were suprised when she curved speeding the way twards Blizzardpaw's grave.All but one slid to their graves.Anger pulsed off Goldenstar, who was going faster.As they neared the shallow part of the gultch, Goldenstar stopped.

"I will not take the life of this apprentice like I did Swoopbird." He turned and fled.

Chapter 11-TensionEdit

Berryclaw appeared.Runningpaw was hiding well.It was her second night entering her mentor's dreams.Berryclaw stalked to Rivercloud.At first, they rubbed muzzles.Berryclaw murmered, "Hello, old friend." She paused and looked Rivercloud straight in the eye."Wolf troubles, young one.You needn't forget the message Silverstar sent you." She sat down as a puffy white she-cat came out."Flypaw, my sister!" shouted Rivercloud.Flypaw still had a sad face."Greatest threats await, my dear sister, and a darkness shall come and go, taking something with it." Lastly, a pretty tortiseshell and white face pokled through."Swoopbird!" Rivercloud meowed!Happy to see her sister, who was bright as ever, she yelped for joy.Swoopbird meowled,"A pair of rulers will rule ValleyClan,kin of Fallenleaf,a tom and she-cat..... " Runningpaw stopped dead in her tracks.She was kin of Fallenleaf!

Chapter 12-WarningEdit

Sunpaw was out of breath as he told Lostfoot what happend.With a bellowing yowl, Lostfoot allerted the Clan.Rivercloud rushed out as soon as Barkpelt, Quartzcolor, and Mintstar broke into the clearing.But a GreenClan patrol was behind him.Mossnose, Cloudypaw, Tinytail, and a long-haired persian tom came with a furry white apprentice.Runningpaw scrambled from the cave as Mintstar topled on her.With one claw, it was close to the end for Runningpaw as the dshe-cat squeled in fury.

Runningpaw was furious.They had ruined her dream.Now Mintstar had her life in his paws.How dare he attack a medicine cat?With a hiss of victory, in a slash of claws everything went black.

Chapter 13-Peace and HelpEdit

Rivercloud gasped.Her apprentice was about to die right before her eyes!She jumped, barreling into Mintstar and sending him off Runningpaw.Then, an angry dark-gray apprentice stared in shock as Mintstar tumbled to the ground.A gasp formed from brown tabby.Rivercloud reconized Darkpaw, Mintstar's apprentice, and Storkfoot, an old warrior about to become an elder.Anger flared from the pelts of Pinebird, Sorrelwhisker, Greenfoot, and Mistypaw as they marched into the hollow.Mistypaw meowled," Stop!You foo-foo-" her sputtering started as she stared in horror at the unmoving Mintstar."Mintstar!" Greenfoot cried.Sweetscar looked in grief at her leader.

Runningpaw stared at Mintstar.He was almost to StarClan.He must have started many battles.And they ended like.This.Sweetscar growled an order,"Storkfoot, Barkpelt, Darkpaw, Swiftpaw, carry Mintstar.Green-and-PineClan, retreat!" With turning to Dapplestar, she said,"I tried to stop him.It was hard to get him to remember the battle at the gultch.It took so many lives.." she dazed off,"Including his.I knew it would end this way.Mistypaw knew, and so did Sorrelwhisker.Emberear was found dead... anyway, sorry for Swiftwhisker.And Dockleaf.." Runningpaw understood.Their motionless bodies lay about the coves.Dockleaf had insisted to fight if a battle came.But a wheezing breath cought her eye.Dockleaf was alive!"Dockleaf, she's alive!" shouted a near Tallfox.

Chapter 14-First GatheringEdit

The gathering started and Dapplestar prepared to speak.

Then, as Dapplestar started, a group strange cats came in the clearing.