Warrior's Super Edition: Lostheart's Tale is a fanfiction story written by SporeMaster. (AKA The Wiki Contributor that makes most of the EarthClan cats.

EarthClan was Aniju Aura's idea.


The Prologue chronicles StarClan discussing Lostheart.

A ginger tom sat by the edge of a lake, staring into the glassy blue waters, as if looking for a sign. A grey-blue she-cat padded out of the thick brush behind the tom.

"Firestar." the she-cat greeted,"I brought the cats you wanted to see."

Three other cats padded out from the brush just as the she-cat had.

"What do you need, Firestar?" growled a huge white tom with jet black paws,"Even StarClan cats have to sleep, you know." "Speaking of sleep, why aren't you?" asked a spotted she-cat.

"Blackstar, Lepoardstar, and Onestar." Firestar soothed,"I have called you here on the behalf of a certain cat."

"Is a leader in danger?" asked Onestar,"Do we need to sent an omen to the medicine cats?"

"No, Onestar." Firestar said,"Recently, I found a cat wandering throughout StarClan seeking help for its Clan."

"Which Clan was it?" Blackstar asked,"Wind, Thunder, Shadow, or River?"

"None." Firestar answered.

"But only Clan cats can enter StarClan." Lepoardstar said quizzically,"And there are only four Clans around the lake. What other Clans are there?"

"I don't know." Firestar admitted,"But I do know that it came from some Clan and that it needed help."

"What does it need help with?" Onestar asked.

"Do you really care enough to help?" cooed an unknown voice.

"Who's there!?" Blackstar threatened, unsheathing his claws and his fur bristling.

"Allow me to introduce myself." said a brown tom with glistening fur and a torn ear,"My name is Earthstar, founder of EarthClan."

"Ha! There's no such thing as EarthClan!" Lepoardstar mocked the unknown cat.

"Well you should know because I was once in your Clan!" seethed Earthstar,"I was RiverClan's medicine cat until I was stolen by the Twolegs! I was forced to live the miserable life of a kittypet until I snuck out and started EarthClan!"

"Well what do you need help with?" spit Blackstar, his claws sill unsheathed.

"One of our queens is having kits." Earthstar answered,"I know that the kit is going to grow up to be corrupt and evil."

"Do you want us to send an omen?" Onestar asked.

"Could you help me? I'm not sure how." Earthstar admitted.

"Sure! Let's go!" Onestar said cheerfully.

The two cats then charged through the forest and into the night.