Founders Sparklestar, Gullwing, Shimmerfur, Seafang, Grayfur, Seaweedpelt, Crabpaw and Shrippaw
Current Stats
Current Leader Shimmerstar
Current Deputy Cloudstripe
Current Medicine Cat Mistcloud

WaterClan was the next to form after EarthClan with Sparkelstar taking leadership. The WaterClan often are fed by a nice old lady who lives in the Light House. They hunt mice for her and she gives them fish which they like to eat as treats. WaterClan seems to know the most about the ways of humans but still avoid them.


The leader so far has been Sparklestar till her death. Her deputy Shimmerfur became the next leader.


Gullwing was the first deputy but he retired and Shimmerfur took his place till he became leader. Cloudstripe became his first deputy.

Medicine Cats

Seafang took the position of Medicine Cat untill he retirned and died of old age. Mistcloud became his successor.

WaterClan Members

WaterClan has 25 members. Leader: Shimmerstar – a sandy tan tom with green eye

Deputy: Cloudstripe – a white she-cat with a grey spot right on her back

Medicine Cat: Mistcloud – a pale grey and white she-cat

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Splashpelt – a calico she-cat with amber eyes Apprentice Golderpaw

Sunspot – a yellow she-cat with bright blue eyes Appentice Fishpaw

Creekstripe – a silver white tom

Streamflow – a tabby she-cat Apprentice Bubblepaw

Blackwater – a black tom with yellow eyes

Sharktooth – a blue grey tom

Whalesong – a black and white she-cat with blue eyes

Scytheclaw – a sleek silver tabby tom with yellow eyes

Sprinklefur – a silver tabby seh-cat with blue eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Goldenpaw – a ginger tom with amber eyes Mentor Splashpelt

Fishpaw –a seek grey she-cat Mentor Sunspot

Bubblepaw – a brown tabby she-cat Mentor Streamflow

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Riverwhisker – a ginger she-cat (Mother of Frogkit and Bluekit)

Rainstorm – a black and white she-cat with yellow eyes (Mother of Stormkit)

Sliverpool – a sleek grey she-cat (Expecting kits)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Wavefur – a blue grey tom with blue eyes

Grayfur – a grey tom with green eyes

Seaweedpelt – a white and grey she-cat with blue eyes

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Frogkit – a grey she-cat

Bluekit – a grey tom

Stormkit – a black and white she-cat

All Known Members

A list of cats born or joined WaterClan.

Sparklestar – a blue gray she-cat with a white underside and blue eyes, formelry the Leader now in SpiritClan

Seafang – a sandy orange tom, former Medicine Cat, Now in SpiritClan

Sandclaw – a big beige tom with blue eyes, Now in SpiritClan

Raineyes – a dark blue black she-cat with deep blue eyes, Now in SpiritClan

Shrimptail – a small white tom with black and grey spots, Now in SpiritClan

Weedpelt – a black and grey tom, Now in SpiritClan

Crabclaw –a bright ginger tom with blue eyes, Now in SpiritClan

Shelltail – a light beige she-cat with green eyes, Now In SpiriClan


Their main rivals were EathClan but then AirClan formed. FireClan doesn't give them much trouble because of their distance.


The sandy shore, cliffs and valleys beside the ocean is all WaterClan’s. They also own the rocky sea port where twolegs keep their boats. Their camp is in a small valley twolegs rarely visit, though these cats see twolegs quick often on their territory. The leader’s den is in a hallow tree by the medicine cat's den which is a big bush that arches over. The warriors’ den is a small cave in the side of the cliff. The nursery is a small grove of trees and bramble. The apprentices’ den is a group of bush and tall grass.

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