Watershine is a wiry blue she-cat.


Father-Firebird (Verified StarClan member)

Mother-Wishflower (Verified StarClan member)

Grandmother-Scalefoot (Suspected StarClan member)

Mate-Mallowreek (Most likly deasesed)

Daugters- Bluepaw (Verified StarClan member)

Shrewkit (Suspected StarClan member)

Lizardwing (Suspected StarClan member)

Son-in-law- Cockhead( Verified StarClan member)

Granddaughters- Moonshine (Verified StarClan member)

Yewfellow(Living as of Dark Overcast)

Grand-son-in-laws- Skunkstripe (Suspected StarClan member)

Nightfall (Verified StarClan member)

Great-granddaughter- Leaffang (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Great-grandson- Lostfoot (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Great-great-son-in-law- Soothingheart (Verified StarClan member)

Great-great-great grand daughters- Ivyfrost (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Honeyheart (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Fallenleaf (Living as of Drak Overcast)

Great-great-great grandson- Poppysong (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Great-great-great-daughter-in-law- Dapplestar( Living as of Dark Overcast)

Great-great-great-son-in-law- Tallfox (Living as of Dark Overcast)

Great great great great grandsons- Finchfeather (Living)

Sunpaw (Living)

Bramblepaw (Living)

Great great great great granddaughters- Brairfoot (Living)

Runningpaw (Living)

Moonpaw (Living)