This is written by Meerkatpaw. I have decided to write about a BraveClan cat and I decided Wetkit.

1. ProlougeEdit

"I now name you Sootwhisker of WetClan!" Wetkit proudly bellowed to his brother Sootkit.

"I thought I was going to be leader!  I was going to name you Wetnose" Sootkit said. 

"All right then, whoever wins at Mossball will be leader!" Wetkit exclaimed.

"You're on!" Sootkit shouted. Meanwhile, Cinderkit lazily watched her brothers. I want to help Nutpad gather herbs! she thought. But Nutpad already has Archpaw. She groaned and went to her mother Fallowleaf. "Mummy, when will I become a medicine cat?" she asked.

"Just two more moons Cinderkit" her mother replyed. "If Nutpad dies and Archpaw takes the medicine cat position" she added. Cinderkit then curled against her mother's belly. I wish I was the medicine cat apprentice instead of Archpaw!

2. Archpaw's bordemEdit

Coming soon.