WhisperClan was formed by a former Dark Forest followers from the orignel clans who were exiled. They found other rouges and formed WhisperClan. Breezepelt took leadership and names himself Breezestar. WhusperClan are different from other clans. They have three deputies and instead of warriors, Elite Gaurds. There is no Medicene cat and there are slaves. Elite guards are like warriors expect they kill cats outside the clans and cats who break the rules. Only Breezestar is allowed to have kits with who ever he wants. If a litter of kits is parented by cats who is not Breezestar and a mate of him; they will be killed and their kits will be forced to live as slaves. Life in WhisperClan is very hard.


Breezepelt took leadership as soon as the clan formed. He named himself Breezestar.


Captionship is the exact same thing as Deputyship, expect there are here captions. The captions are Shredtail, Deathclaw, and Redwillow.

Elite GuardsEdit

Elite Guards are warriors expect they steal kits from ther clans and kill cats outside the clans or cats in WhisperClan who real the rules.


Slaves are cats who were born to cats whose father is not Breezestar. They work for the clan by hunting and cleaning out their moss.

Medicene CatshipEdit

No cats became the Medicene cat, since Breezestar says that medicene cats are "stupid" and "worthless warriors".


Leader: Breezestar-Black tom with amber eyes.

Captions(Deputy): Shredtail-Ragged, scrawny brown tabby with cross cross scars. Apprentice-Viloetpaw

Elite Gaurds:(Warriors, fighters and execute cats who break the rules.)

Fangshatter-Battle scared white tom with hazel eyes which one of them is blind

Firehowl-Ginger she-cat with white chest and paws and pale green eyes.

Bloodclaw-Black tabby tom with green eyes.

Tigerstrike-Pale brown tom with black stripes and yellow eyes.

Whitewind- White she-cat with silver paws and blue eyes. Apprentice- Ruepaw

Poppytail-Dark red tabby she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Nightpaw

Shatteryowl-White, brown and black tom with white paws and yellow eyes. Apprentice:Shakepaw

Tornpetal-Pale gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Darkfang-Black tom with silver stripes.

Deadheart-Blue-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes and only three legs and a deaf ear.

Ivystripe-Pale blue gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a white chest and paws.

Smokehowl-Dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes; Breezestar's and Firehowl's daughter.

Songflight-Pale Tortishell she-ct with blue eyes and white paws; Breezestar's and Firehowl's daughter. Apprentice-Silverpaw

Smushednose: Golden brown tom with flecked dark brown stripes with hazel eyes and a mashed in nose. Apprentice-Raggedpaw

Brokeneye-Pale gray tom with black flecks and one yellow eye.

Viloetshadow-Creamish brown tabby she-cat with white chest and paws and unusual violet eyes.

Foxgrowl-Red tom with black legs and white muzzle with green eyes; Breezestar's and Poppytail's son

Echoyowl-Silver she-cat with amber eyes; Breezestar's and Poppytail's son.

Gorsenight-Black tom with amber eyes and gray paws; Breezestar's and Poppytail's son.


Ruepaw-Black she-cat with brown eyes; Breezestar's daughter.

Nightpaw-Black and gray tom with amber eyes; Breezestar's son.

Shakepaw-White tom with blue eyes; Breezestar's son.

Silverpaw-Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes; Breezestar's daughter.

Raggedpaw-White tom with dark gray patches and blue eyes.

Slaves:(Cats who work for the clan)

Flamepelt-Pale ginger tom with one amber eye.

Uglyface-Small white tom with a small face with scars on it and one brown and one yellow eye.

Swamfeather-Brownish-grayish she-cat with lovely blue eyes.

Swallowgrowl-Silve tom with dark town stripes; formanly Elite Guard.

Jadepaw-Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Blackcloud-Black and brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Sneezemoss-Gray and white she-cat with amber eyes.

Queens: Maplepelt-Brown and white she-cat with green eyes(Mother of Breezepelt's kits; Gorsekit:Brown tabby with white patches and amber eyes and Fawnkit; pale brown she-cat with blue eyes.)


WhipserClan are rivals with MistClan and BrambleClan.


WhisperClan live in a huge, big, shady forest with lush oak trees. It is manley dark there since the trees cover most of everything. The ground is rocky and sandy with many wildlife.

The Camp is where WhisperXlan live. It is in a large gorge surround by brambles, thorns, and oak trees. All the dens are made out of caves expect for the Prisoner's and Slave's dens, which are covered by thorns.

More coming soon.

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