Box Title = Whitefoot


|Clan(s) = Jungleclan

|Apprentice(s) = Thorntooth

|Age = 98 Moons

|Cause Of Death = Force Trauma


Whitefoot is a black and white cat who is clever and keen. He has a thick outer-coat and can we stubborn at times.


As he is traveling to Metalclan to get some food with their permission, a Terraclan warrior named Stubtail confronts him and says that he is in Terraclan territory. Whitefoot went into a crouch, but at that same moment he slipped off the ledge. He rolled down until his head hit a sharp and huge rock. Blood was trickling down down his head. Warriors found his body at sunset.


Whitefoot's personality is sly and clever but he can get into a lot of trouble. He is always ready to fight but is clumsy which led to his death.

Appearances in Jungleclan's FaithEdit

Whitekit is born to Honeyfur and Leafears. He is born sick as well are his litter-mates Mistkit and Mosskit. Whitekit is unusually energetic even with an unknown sickness. He was the worst troublemaker in the Queens Den. He clawed cat's tails and bit off clumps of moss or fur. A few days later, Mosskit died of the sickness as found dead by Lightningpaw. Mosskit's death is grieved by his mother and litter-mates including Whitekit. A few moons later, Junglestar commands a clan meeting. Now that Whitekit was 8 moons, he can be an apprentice. His name is Whitepaw and his sister's is Mistpaw. Honeyfur is proud of them both. Whitepaw's mentor is Heatherpool. They trained a lot and Whitepaw was becoming strong as well as Mistpaw. When Shadowclan attacks they fight bravely, They earn their warrior names Whitefoot and Mistpelt. Sadly, Honeyfur dies of getting hit by a monster chasing prey. They grieve for her for the whole night.