Whitestar WhiskerClan
Clan(s) WhiskerClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Redclaw
Children Yellowsun, Lightenslash and Silvercrimson
Mentor(s) Masterstar
Apprentice(s) Snakefang


Whitefang was choosen by one of the Masterstars to form a new clan called WhiskerClan. She was the first cat choosen and so she trained under him. Soon he gathered other cats. He got Vinetail, Pnneypelt, Brighteye, Flashstreak, Fintail, Windstream and Blackeye. He didn't bother to give them apprentices names, reason why is unknown. Whitefang helped train her new Clanmates. They soon all became warriors and a new set of apprentice came Ironclaw and Nightheart. Ironclaw learned fast and soon was helping out the Clan along with Whitefang. She and Ironclaw were Masterstar's "right pawed" cats. Soon Masterstar left to just watch his cat live and he left Whitefang incharge. Whitefang became Whitestar though she preferred the name Whitefang. Ironclaw decame her deputy. Her first apprentice is Snakepaw who was sent by Masterstar. Then Masterstar's brother formed his own Clan. To tell the differances from the Clans, Masterstar named his clan WhiskerClan. So The other Masterstar named his Clan PhantomClan since Darkpelt, now Darkstar, and Shadowclaw became WhiskerClan's rivals. Then another Masterstar appreared and he named his Clan FurryClan. Then TwilightClan formed by an unknown Masterstar and they started attacking the other Clans. A lone cat named Redclaw joined the group and he soon became Whitestar's mate. Whitestar is still leader of Whisker Clan today.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Litter-Mates: Unknown

Mate: Redclaw

Daughter: Lightenslash

Sons: Yellowsun and Silvercrimson



Redclaw TwilightClan

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