Wildstar is played by Sir Rock.


Wild was born to in the Jungle as a silver mottled tom. His mother was Leaf and father was Rain, they were wild cats who had lived in their jungle their whole lives. He was born with one sister named Jungle. They lived in a small group of cats. When his mother and father died, Wild left the jungle forever looking for a better life. He went to the Twolegs' City. There he was catupred by the humans and was put in an animal shelter. He later escaped with along with Sunset. He and his companion joined brothers Stone and Storm. The four cats discovered Bracken, Gust and Yellow in an ally. There they formed WildClan with the stay cats he had defriended. Being the biggest and strongest he took over as leader and took the named Wildstar, after hearing and learning of the Clans from Yellow. He and Sunset became mates and had two kits Talonclaw and Rowantail. He only has mentored his son Talonclaw so far.


Mother: Leaf

Father: Rain

Sister: Junglestar

Mate: Sunset

Daughter: Rowantail

Son: Talonclaw



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