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Wingclaw- Deputy of BrokenClan

Shadestorm- Warrior of BrokenClan

Winds Of A Shadowy ChangeEdit


"You know that would only bring death to our clan!" Hissed a large tiger-striped brown tom. "What else would you have us do Mazustar?!" Hissed a younger tom. "You don't challenge Mazustar's orders!" A grey and white warrior hissed. "Thank you Shadestorm." Mazustar meowed. Shadestorm bowed to his leader and said, "Its been a while hasn't it Mazustar?" The younger warrior turned to Shadestorm and meowed, "It has been a while since my old mentor ever hissed at me." "It has been a while Wingclaw." Shadestorm meowed.

New winds, slow changeEdit

It had been a storm night that night. Shadestorm had returned from a long battle with SmolderClan, BrokenClan's enemy. Shadestorm was almost old enough to be and elder but was strong enough to be a newly named warrior. He opened his amber eyes and lifted his body up. Stretching his legs, he wondered how long he had been away. His young apprentice he turned over to Mingheart, had grown into a handful of a deputy. Shadestorm felt like he could fight forever, but the early Leaf-bare forced him to fall back to BrokenClan, in fear his kits, Winterkit and Flowerkit would not survive the cold. "Something troubling you?" Wingclaw asked. "Nothing Wingclaw. Im just thinking of my kits." Shadestorm answered in a deep and noble voice. "Soulspirit is fine. You picked a good mate Shadestorm. She is strong and very loyal to her family." Wingclaw added in a softer, younger voice.

Shadestorm padded out of the rock den. The clan had yet to wake and the sun was just on its rise, the perfect time to check on his mate. Shadestorm padded down to the Nursery, Shadestorm poke his head in. The fern and rock den seemed dark but was very sheltered. When Shadestorm was a kit, this had been his home. The nursery stood against roaring winds, endless rains, and freezing snow, "Morning Soulspirit." Shadestorm whispered. Soulspirit rased her grey head and meowed, "How are you Shadestorm?" Soulspirit was a light grey, black pawed, leaf green eyed she cat. She was always beening followed by the other warriors before she fell in love with Shadestorm. Flowerkit , who was a grey and white blue eyed kitten, padded over to her father and meowed, "Hewo daddy." Shadestorm smiled and rubbed his head on Flowerkit's and meowed, "Hello my little kit." Winterkit, who was a black and grey amber eyed kitten, was still sleeping next to his mother. His eyes closed and his little chest rising and falling to the rhythm of his breathing. Shadestorm lied down next to Soulspirit and meowed, "They are great kits." "Well they take after you." Soulspirit meowed softly and very calmly. She was a very graceful she-cat which was one reason most of BrokenClan was in love with her. Shadestorm was very happy with his life but every day he had to fight SmolderClan he always wondered, 'Will I come back from this fight?' Flowerkit rolled on her back and wriggled around. Soulspirit giggle at the young kit while Shadestorm looked at Flowerkit with pride. Shadestorm gave his mate a lick on the head and padded outside of the nursery. Windthorn, Shatterpaw, and Foxflame were waiting for him by the rock entrance. "What kept you so long Shadestorm?" Windthorn asked. "Just checking on my family." Shadestorm meowed. "Your remember Shatterpaw right?" Shatterpaw bowed to Shadestorm and Shadestorm meowed, "Of course. He was the young apprentice who wanted me to teach him. How has your training gone Shatterpaw?" Shatterpaw looked up and said, "Foxflame has taught me much. Im still to young to be a warrior though." Shadestorm smiled and meowed, "Lets get moving. I want to have the fresh kill here before Mazustar wakes." The band of four padded out of camp.

The Leaf-bare snow fall didn't cut BrokenClan's food supply like other clans. The snow brought out snow rabbits and the very rare white hawk. BrokenClan only hunted White Hawks if there were to many of them. Legends of BrokenClan say that when Brokenheart came into these woods a White Hawk followed him around. The White Hawk seemed to give Brokenheart good luck, and seemed to make him faster. In the legend if you spotted a White Hawk, you were blessed by MountainStarClan. BrokenClan and SmolderClan were apart of the Mountain territory that NightClan, FrostClan, LightingClan, and StreamClan inhabited. BrokenClan was almost always at war with SmolderClan but had little terf wars with FrostClan.

"Got ya!" Shatterpaw meowed as he grabbed a snow rabbit and killed it. Shadestorm was proud of this little apprentice. Windthorn had two rabbits and one mouse in his jaws, Foxflame was carrying a hawk. Shadestorm was holding two snow rabbits, and Shatterpaw grabbed his only kill of the snow rabbit. "This will be a good break fist." Foxflame meowed. "You know we can't eat until the clan is up and moving." Windthorn meowed. "Windthorn is right," Shadestorm added, "Elders and queens need to be fed first." Shatterpaw was keeping up well for the most part of their trip back to camp. "Drop the prey." A cat yowled at the four BrokenClan members. "Who are you?" Shatterpaw meowed. "I am Aquaecho, Warrior assassin of SmolderClan." "Aquaecho? Heh you remember me don't you?" Shadestorm meowed. "Yea I remember you. You stopped my clans advance on this territory. But now I'm here to end you and your pals." Shadestorm placed his fresh kill down and stood strong, "I'm waiting." He meowed. Aquaecho jumped out of the snow covered bushes and charged Shadestorm. Shadestorm flipped the SmolderClan warrior over and pinned him by his neck, "What were you thinking? This is BrokenClan's territory. You can't beat us here." Shadestorm lifted Aquaecho up and slamed him into the ground, craned his neck and tossed Aquaecho into a tree, "Take the food back to BrokenClan. I'll finish this joker off." Foxflame, Windthorn, and Shatterpaw grabbed Shadestorm's kill and padded back to BrokenClan. Aquaecho jumped into the air and spun end over end, claws out stretched, "I'll finish you off!" He yowled as he aimed for Shadestorm's head. Waiting till the last second, Shadestorm dodged to the side and watched Aquaecho slam into the ground. "You can't hit me fool." Shadestorm meowed. Aquaecho sprang out at him but Shadestorm dodged him easily. "Come on. A kit can fight better than you." Aquaecho turned but backed down. He turned and ran. Shadestorm laughed alittle but returned to BrokenClan un harmed.

Shading the StarsEdit

When Shadestorm entered the camp everyone was in a uproar. Wingclaw ran right into Shadestorm and meowed, "Your .... the... new deputy." Shadestorm took a step back and pondered on this thought before laughing, "Mazustar would never make me deputy." "Go ask him! You'll see." Shadestorm padded into Mazustar's den, "Greetings Shadestorm. Have you heard that your the new deputy?" "The whole clan is in and uproar about it, Mazustar." Shadestorm meowed. Mazustar turned his head, "I know its so sudden but I had to." Shadestorm gave him and odd look and asked, "You had to what?" A yowl came from outside and Shadestorm and Mazustar padded out of Mazustar's den. "What in SpiritClan is going on here!?" Mazustar growled. Wingclaw had blood dripping of one of his ears. A brown-ish tan warrior named Fallenclaw stood panting with blood running off one of his eyes, "Well look at that. Your claws still can't draw more blood that a dot of blood! Thats why Shadestorm is our new deputy Wingclaw, Your to weak!" Wingclaw leapt at the warrior but Mazustar and Shadestorm got between them. Mazustar may have been old but he pinned Fallenclaw in moments. Shadestorm pinned Wigclaw with one paw, "What is this all about?" Shadestorm asked. "Its nothing." Fallenclaw meowed, "Im just showing Wingclaw why you were named deputy." Mazustar tightend his grip on Fallenclaw's neck, "There is nothing to be proven! I am the leader and my orders should go un-challanged! If you have any sence you will stop making these fights." Fallenclaw squrimed and wriggled around in Mazustar's grip, but couldn't get free.

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