Windtail is role palyed by Aniju Aura.


Windtail is a warrior in OceanClan. He is a a grey and white tom with yellow eyes. His leader is Oceanstar. He went on a potral with deputy Clawsplash and found a stranger in their territory but they have accendly left their own and travels into MetalCan territory without knowning it. Then MetalClan attacked scaring away the stanger cat. The OceanClan cats made it out alive. Later Windtail and Clawsplash went looking for the unknown cat but Clawsplash was attacked by a dog. Two humans came and took Clawsplash home with them leaving OceanClan without a deputy. Oceanstar came up with an isea on how to save her deputy. Windtail is going to help her. He needs an apprentice. He went home with the twoleg named David.



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