Wishflower is a blue tabby she-cat.


Father- Unkown (Most likly deaseased)

Mother-Scalefoot (Verified StarClan member)

Brother-Stripefoot (Suspected StarClan member)

Sister-in-law-Springflower (Verified StarClan member)

Neice-Cinderflight (Verified Tribe of Skyfire member)

Mate-Firebird (Verified StarClan member)

Daughter-Seedwing (Suspected StarClan member)

Son-in-law-Burninghead (Verified Dark Forest Member)

Grandsonr- Redpelt (Suspected StarClan member)

Granddaughter-in-law- Shinefoot (Suspected StarClan member)

Great Grandson- Brindletoe (Verifieed StarClan member)

Great Granddaughter in law- Redtoes (Suspected Tripe of Skyfire member)

Great great grandsons- Zinckit (Uknown,most likly deaseased

Skyblue (Living as of Dark Overcast)

(For more go to Watershine)

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