WispClan is a Clan of cats that live in the mountains south of the old forest terriotory. The Current Leader is Flashstar, a ginger tom with unusual red spots.


WispClan never made contact with any of the other clans. But a moon before the battle with BloodClan a member of BloodClan named Stripes stumbled upon their territory. He claimed he was no harm but he ended up killing their former leader, Crippledstar, and his deputy Flashpelt became leader.They killed Stripes and threw him into The Gorge.

Communication with StarClanEdit

Now when a cat from WispClan dies they do not join StarClan. Instead, they freely rome the skies with SkyClan ancestors. But StarClan does watch over them. Medicine Cats and Leaders communicate with the Moon Log. Moon Log is a hollow, fallen tree in which cracks and holes in the bark let cats interpret the messages.


The GorgeEdit

The Gorge is a giant hole in the cliffs in which traitors and harmful tresspassers are thrown into. The bottom is cold and lined with sharp rocks.

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