Note: I love wolves so I decided to make wolf warriors. Enjoy! And also I added wolf species, real ones. Some unfamiliar, like canis Rufus, or red wolves. and Falkland Island wolves, in the second.

Story: ♥Moonheart♥

Warrior cats: Erin hunter


The wind blew. Snow fell down. "It's cold." A gray wolf said. He was covered in ice. "I wish the storm was gone. I usally like snow. MoonClan help us!" A wolf howled. "MoonClan will help us. It will stop such blizzard and bring light snow. Pray, my apprentice, pray." A wolf said. Her voice was light.

Then a howl ripped the air. Silence came. Wolves eyes flashed. There food was gone.

~*Chapter One*~ Edit

The snow slowly lightened. "MoonClan saved us!" A red wolf growled. He was proud. "Yep. Your species is awesome..." The gray wolf was silenced because Shadowstar, the evil leader growled: "Canis Lupus wolves are the leading species! No complementing those foolish red wolves. Their warrior stregth is weak, and apprentices are horrible at training. They are better as pups than warriors!" The red wolf, Flamepelt, backed up. The cats that lived here before wolves were more better. They didn't argue about species! Flamepelt thought. "Leader is harsh." Flamepelts words were heard by the leader. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THIS?!?! YOU WILL BE BANISED FROM SHADOWCLAN, NEXT THING YOU KNOW!" Shadowstar growled. Wolves' heads turned.

"Flamepelt, you broke the warr--" The deputy, Growltail, couldn't finish his words. "No he didn't. He has been given a warning. Now mind your bisnis." Shadowstar snickered. Evil indeed. Growltail thought. The light gray artic wolf walked to the warriors den.

That night, Flamepelt went sneakely out the territory, to a small cliff, and began to howl a song:

Life may be hard as a red wolf,

Untrusted and abused, no fairness in life,

MoonClan summons us, life as cats,

To see a better life,

Red wolves, next to be ruleing wolves of the forest!

Flamepelt finished his howling. He saw starry cats. Then they dissapered.

~*Chapter Two*~ Edit

Flamepelt was sure to be a cat in his soul. The cats that lived before the wolves were brave and strong. Then a cat soul came and wolves of the clans turned to cats.


sorry its sort im lazy on this story