Zephyrstorm IceClan
Clan(s) IceClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None

Zephyrpaw is role played by SpazzyFox.


Zephyrpaw was born in IceClan; he was born a runt. But, he made up for his smallness with braveness. He is a very quiet apprentice, and he is 10 moons old. His parents are unknown, and he needs a mentor. (Skyfur, please?) His Warrior name would be Zephyrstorm. He's very swift, and is great at ambushing.


Zephyrpaw is shy, brave (ironic, huh?), and always eerily calm. He has an icy personality, and he loves the night.


Zephyrpaw/Zephyrstorm is a grey tom with black legs, tail, chin, and ears. He has yellow-green eyes, and his tail is fairly bushy. Other than that, his fur is a tiny tiny tiny bit thick/fluffy.


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Litter-mates: Unknown